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Paul Bruce is a Developer Evangelist at Perfecto, focusing on the value of quality and velocity throughout the software lifecycle. He previously worked as an advocate for API development and testing practices and as a full stack developer before that. He now writes, speaks, listens, and teaches about software delivery patterns in modern enterprises and key industries around the world.

3 Steps to Debug and Test Your iOS App in the Cloud

With less than 2 months until WWDC, there’s been no shortage of iOS platform changes since last year. We’ve seen 6 iOS updates since September, iPhone 4.x support retirement, and iOS 10 render tests written in frameworks like Appium unusable until months after release. Though the stability of the iOS development landscape has improved in the last year, Apple continues to change what it means to develop rich mobile experiences quickly and reliably. Without nimble [...]

Helping a Dozen Developers Create Value at Developer Week 2017 Hackathon

In my role as Developer Advocate, I frequently get to help do something good for other people under the guise of doing “business”. At Developer Week 2017 in San Francisco, that meant providing developers an opportunity to win $2,000 cash while building open source tools that would help other people. Perfecto’s hackathon challenge was to build an analyzer for HAR files that provides insights into errors, performance, and content structure. They could use whatever languages [...]

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Using Espresso for Fast and Reliable Feedback

Last week, we hosted a webinar on Espresso, the UI testing framework for Android native apps. As an introductory, it was great to see a mix of experiences and skill sets in the audience We chose this topic because we see many customers interested in using Espresso, migrating from other frameworks, and combining testing technologies to include more testing in every build cycle. Questions: Daniel: “What's your opinion about using UIAutomator with Espresso? It's a [...]

Digging into Device Fragmentation at AnDevCon

At AnDevCon in San Francisco last month, we asked other experts a simple question: “How is platform and device fragmentation in the Android ecosystem a challenge?” We had a chance to sit and talk with Alex Austin, CEO of, to hear how he sees the importance of addressing device fragmentation and variety for web and native apps viewed on mobile devices.   The Mobile Space is Nuts I mean pants on fire, bowl of [...]

Adaptability Through Early Validation

Software teams aspire to work fast, adapt to their market’s needs, and to have a sense of pride in their work. Defects can crush those aspirations, which means they need to be addressed as early as possible. Testing as part of every build improves quality and velocity by reducing re-work through fast feedback on code changes, but there’s far more to it than automated testing. "Quality is more important than quantity, and in the end, [...]

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