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A Winning Recipe for Open Source Test Automation Frameworks

There’s no doubt that the bulk of software delivery today relies on test automation through open-source test frameworks. In a recent blog post, we highlighted some of the main differences around the leading frameworks such as Appium, Selenium, Calabash, Espresso and XCTest UI. As a quick summary, the key points that were identified as critical for success in adopting an open-source is to have these 3 robust ingredients supporting that framework: 24x7 available and elastic

Performance Testing in the Age of Agile and Digital Transformation

Performance Testing Has Evolved Performance testing does not resemble what it used to be, say, five years ago. When you examine the tools provided and their capabilities, they tell a story. Careful examination and tuning of the scalability, potential break points, and efficiency of backend services was the main objective. What changed? Here are a few pointers to get started: Digital transformation: The pivotal role played by mobile apps and web sites in the core

Debugging From Your IDE is Much Easier Now – It’s On the Cloud

Development teams today in many cases become THE business. More and more organizations build their business strategy on digital channels – Web, mobile and social. Although developers spend most of their day in their IDE, developing new code and debugging – in many cases, those few development teams are responsible for hundreds of millions in company revenue. To address business needs, development teams need to move fast and be more agile, they need to be

How to Handle Pop-ups and Out-of-Window-Artifacts When Web Testing

Out-of-window user interaction is fairly common these days with desktop websites. Popups can be used to grab users’ attention or to serve a specific function that one may not want to deliver in the body of the page, etc. Some examples include login popup, and the ability to save or refresh a password in the browser. Recently, HTML5 added common popups which request access to user location, microphone, and memory. The latter, for example, allows

Quality Testing: Challenges Insurance Companies Face in the Battle to Become Digital

  Insurance companies are making their way into the digital space after a slow uptake compared to fintech and retail verticals who have responded to the rapid digital disruption. There’s no denying that QA, test and dev teams in this industry face many hurdles in terms of rolling out quality mobile and web apps, and providing optimal UX across the many complex digital touch points associated with insurance transactions. The big question now is how

Perfecto Boosts Team Collaboration with Digital Zoom™ Reporting Slack Integration

Communicating quality for your digital products across the organization is becoming a MUST. Having the ability to take data-driven decisions in real-time enables organizations to move faster and assure their customer digital experience. As activities are growing and teams become hybrid (as part of the move to agile workflows), it is hard to keep everyone on the same page. In most cases, team communications are increasingly noisy and overwhelmed by the large amount of data that

Digging into Device Fragmentation at AnDevCon

At AnDevCon in San Francisco last month, we asked other experts a simple question: “How is platform and device fragmentation in the Android ecosystem a challenge?” We had a chance to sit and talk with Alex Austin, CEO of, to hear how he sees the importance of addressing device fragmentation and variety for web and native apps viewed on mobile devices.   The Mobile Space is Nuts I mean pants on fire, bowl of

What You Need To Know When Planning Your Test Lab in 2017

As we kick-off 2017, I am thrilled to release the most updated 6th edition of the Digital Test Coverage Index report, a guide to help you decide how to build your test lab. 2016 was an exciting year in the Digital space, and as usual, Q4 market movement is sure to impact 2017 development and testing plans. And it doesn't appear that the market is slowing down, with continued innovation expected this year. In this post, I will summarize the key

A Week of App Testing Day 4: Mobile Device Coverage

As a part of our weeklong series on “Getting Started with Mobile App Testing” today we look at Mobile Device Coverage. This is a topic we love here at Perfecto. Testing on a single device doesn’t mean that your app will work an all devices. And testing on every device in the world is simply un-doable. We’ll help you understand how to reach an adequate level of coverage to ensure app compatibility on devices actually

2017 – The Year of Digital Quality

FY 2017 is just around the corner and it is that time of the year when technology trends and predictions are starting to spread all over. As your organization leadership is probably setting the strategic goals for 2017 inline with the market demands, challenges, and trends, it would be smart to validate your digital plans during this planning. Industry digitalization FY 2017 will involve dramatically the enablement of Digital Technology Platforms as Gartner, Inc. predicted

  • Best Mobile Testing Tools

Do You Have the Right Tools to Analyze Your Mobile Testing?

In Agile environments today, a great digital experience is a prerequisite. Organizations are expected to have an efficient mobile testing strategy and release apps quickly across devices and operating systems. However, without visibility into your test results, it's hard to deliver high-quality apps. What makes up a successful reporting tool? Consider these characteristics: It should fit into the Agile mindset of fast feedback and frequent releases. Accessible via the web and be self-generated on-demand by

  • Android vs. iOS

Why I Switched from iPhone to an Android Device

As a mobile evangelist at Perfecto, I spend a lot of my time observing the mobile and web space and following major iPhone and Android device trends. Recently, I crossed the aisle from iPhone to Android after being an Apple user for two years. I replaced my iPhone 6 Plus -- which I had been using as a personal and work-related device -- with a Google Nexus 6P phablet. While the Apple faithful may strongly

  • Doing Digital Experience Right

Meet Three Companies Doing ‘Digital Experiences’ Right

Technology has made the cost of switching banks, airlines, or telecom providers extremely low. After all, information is easily accessible across the globe, and innovation and disruption are a constant. Any digital experience secret sauce a company has today is fleeting as the market rapidly shifts. To create a sustainable advantage in the digital economy, you must consistently make customers feel good about your brand. "Know thy customer" has never been more important. McDonald's was

  • Mobile Testing Avoids Apps Blowups

Mobile Testing: Why You Need to Focus on Background Apps

When testing a mobile app, teams should always keep in mind the real world user conditions that impact user experiences. One essential user condition for your testing strategy is popular applications that users run consistently such as Spotify, Waze and Facebook. How will your app perform when these apps are competing for device resources? In our newly-available edition of our Digital Test Coverage Index report, we've partnered with App Annie to help teams get closer

  • Mobile Testing Across All Digital Platforms

Mobile Testing Tips: Watch the Market, Focus on Betas

The rate of new technology adoption has been accelerating at a staggering pace. When it comes to mobile devices, updating operating systems has become a no-brainer -- people assume they're getting the new feature-packed release shortly after it's become available. Hence, the frequency of these releases makes mobile app testing an imperative for every digital enterprise. Some adoption stats iOS 9 crossed 50% adoption a mere 11 days after its launch in Sept. 2015. By

  • mobile app testing

Banking Apps: It Takes Focused Mobile Testing to Be Great

If you're anything like me, you've been using financial services apps a lot more lately. A few years ago the idea of accessing banking information on a smartphone would give me anxiety. Now I'm comfortably dependent on my financial apps to pay bills and transfer money. The apps are just easy to use, and frequent security alerts and email updates have curbed my anxiety about privacy issues. It's clear that big banks are committed to

  • Great Digital Experience Team

Podcast: How to Close the IT-Business Gap

I'm sure you've heard about companies "going digital." In part, this refers to replacing physical experiences like visiting a brick-and-mortar store with delivering a great digital experience via mobile apps or websites. But, presenting a united digital experience for every web, app, or IoT user sometimes means breaking down the barriers between business, creative and development. Truly "going digital" is about consolidating internal teams and resources. The idea is to bring web, mobile and social

  • Automotive Testing Tools

Video: Putting a Connected Car App to the Test

When was the last time you locked your keys in your car? Personally, I've done this half a dozen times. And getting a locksmith out to your car is time-consuming and frustrating. Now imagine a world where you can remotely lock/unlock your car or more, all from your phone or even through a web portal. The connected care is not a future scenario -- it's happening today. Will a connected car be in your driveway?

  • Automotive and IoT Testing

Connected Cars Will Be Driven by Great Digital Experiences

If the Internet of Things has not affected you yet, it will soon. By 2032 it's expected that each person will be surrounded by up to 5,000 Internet-connected "things." This got me thinking about how connected we are today as individuals. Without a doubt, my cell phone has become an extension of my hand and I rely on my phone for so many things. The Internet of Things is allowing us to venture outside traditionally

  • Mobile App Quality

Why Apps Succeed: Survey Reveals Need for a United Digital Strategy

Do you know why some web and mobile apps succeed better than others? Does anyone? We think we have some information that can help to answer these important questions. As part of our ongoing search to find out what helps people make great apps, in April 2016 we asked technical experts and business leaders questions about how they find success in delivering digital experiences across mobile and web platforms. Some themes were clear, some assumptions

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