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Will Your Mobile UX get Sacked by Bounce Rate Measurability in 2018?

There are always new challenges in the mobile world and as mobile usage continues to dominate almost every business vertical (both native mobile-web), having a testing strategy that can be modified to incorporate new use cases and interfaces is crucial. Over the next few months I will dive into some of the hot topics and trends in the Digital sphere to look at the horizon. Today we will be talking about the Mobile UX and

Perfecto Announces First, In the Market Cloud Support for iPhone X

The day has come, and as expected, Apple has started selling its innovative new smartphone, The iPhone X. Without a doubt, it's a leap forward for Apple and a new price tag for this premium device. As reported in the media, there are some iPhone 8 customers who are already planning to switch to the new device- anticipation for this devices is indeed high. Starting now, Perfecto customers around the world can already start validating

iPhone 8 on iOS 11 is Out – Are You Testing on it Today? You Can….

Perfecto is excited to announce the availability of iPhone 8, 8+, running iOS 11 GA, as of today, Sep 22nd, 2017, 8AM EST. iPhone 8 and iOS 11 pack a number of new features and changes that require intensive testing for all applications, web and mobile. The majority of Perfecto customers were able to preorder these devices in advance and start testing already this morning. The ability to run automated testing in a cloud environment

How Apple’s Announcements Today Will Impact Your Digital Strategy

Perfecto’s CTO Sheds Light On What to Expect and How to Adapt In this blog, we are going to review Apple’s latest announcements and highlight the features and characteristics that will affect your application development and testing processes. Apple announcements are always about innovation and enhanced UX; today was no exception. Here are four Apple products that were revealed today: Apple Watch series S3 Apple 4K TV iPhone 8 family and wireless charging iPhone X  Let’s

How Usage Based Insurance Apps are Shaking Up the Industry

Usage Based Insurance (UBI) is a trending field in the insurance industry.  From a consumer point of view, it is clear the majority do not want to pay high policy rates in order to cover drivers that are considered ‘dangerous’. According to recent research, awareness and demand for Usage Based Insurance (UBI) is on the rise. The main commercial challenge for carriers these days is to reach untapped opportunities to expand UBI into markets beyond

iOS11 – What to Expect 72 Hours Post Launch

In the next new few days, Apple will be releasing the new iOS11 version to the market with a set of new iPhones that will be sure to disrupt the digital landscape even more. From previous iOS10 and iOS9 releases, here is what we can expect: Very fast adoption trends (~50% adoption of new iOS release in less than a month) Fragmented growth – few devices are left behind Instability issues are imminent and patch

Supersize Your Open Source Testing Tools: Hands-on Methods Using Protractor to Test Hybrid Apps

We love open source. Who doesn’t? Sadly, it sometimes has its limitations when implementing at the enterprise level. Lucky for us, Wim Selles, a passionate test automation engineer at deTesters, lends us the playbook on his tactical approach to using Protractor to help Rabobank perfect their hybrid app. Over the last few years, there has been tremendous growth in the quantity and quality of open source software testing tools available to DevOps teams.  Any test

Perfecto Announces Free Availability of a Dedicated iOS 11 Customer Test Cloud

The pressure is on! Apple has just released the public beta 1 for its upcoming iOS11 release expected early fall. Smart iOS app development teams are testing this version today. Think about it, any iOS users in the market today can start exploring this new beta version. What impression will your brand’s app create?  How will your app perform? Perfecto already announced same day support for the 1st developer preview in its cloud last month.

Perfecto Release 10.4 Drives More Value Through Coverage Expansion and Reporting Updates

We’re excited to share several significant new Perfecto features, driving added value to our customers. Working agile, not all sprints drive significant value; however, some recently released features paint a dazzling picture of value and deliverables! Fastest Desktop Web Solution  Release 10.3 included the latest “Turbo Web” solution. The new solution features a 3-4 second browser launch time and accelerated script execution process. We’ve tried this with a number of customer test automation scripts. The

Perfecto Offers First in Market Support for iOS11 Dev Preview

It is the time of year, post WWDC that Apple rolls out its next major iOS release to the developer community. With the excitement around the 10th anniversary of iPhone and a new major release, teams need to understand the impact to their existing iOS applications. Before drilling into the implications, I am happy to announce, that Perfecto is the 1st in the market to offer support for the new iOS11 platform for both manual

How the “Digital Quality Handbook” Was Born

Travel back with me… to late September 2016. It’s the Jewish New Year, and I am in Boston, MA. As I celebrate the passing of another great year, I think to myself, “After being in the software quality space for nearly 20 years, isn’t it about time that I reach out to the community of thought leaders and influencers and create an asset that can fill a gap in the market that we can give

New Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus Available for Testing in the Perfecto CQL™

Continuing more than 3 years’ track record of same-day support for new versions of devices, browsers and OS versions, Perfecto is pleased to announce availability of the newly introduced Samsung S8 and Samsung S8 Plus devices in its continuous quality lab – CQL™. These 2 new smartphones, first announced in MWC 2017, were just shipped to the market following pre-orders of more than 1 million units. Samsung, as the biggest Android OEM, is innovating its

Why You Should Think About Reporting Test Driven Development (RTDD)

Drive Faster Quality Analysis Through Tags and Customized Test Code Quality visibility is all about logic. It should be fast, easy and mostly effective – if the dashboard or report that you’re using gives you the right ‘hint’ of what is the next move – then you’re all set. When it comes to gaining fast and efficient quality analysis, these are usually the pains we hear:  Test executions - length as well as context-driven test

2017 – The Year of Digital Quality

FY 2017 is just around the corner and it is that time of the year when technology trends and predictions are starting to spread all over. As your organization leadership is probably setting the strategic goals for 2017 inline with the market demands, challenges, and trends, it would be smart to validate your digital plans during this planning. Industry digitalization FY 2017 will involve dramatically the enablement of Digital Technology Platforms as Gartner, Inc. predicted

  • Autism and Beyond Mobile App

Duke University’s Autism and Beyond App

In the news this week, Duke University discussed its mobile research app, called Autism and Beyond. After the creation and testing of the app, the university, of course, needed to test its accuracy. Duke teamed up with global partners, including Pekin University in China, and has thus far seen very promising results. Over 2,000 people have participated in the study and the app has proven to be just as effective and accurate as autism experts.

  • mobile devices android testing

Google Pixel Phones, Home Device Up Game for Android Testing

This week, Google's Pixel smartphone took center stage and TechCrunch and other new outlets covered it in spades. The event boasted several announcements, including new mobile devices, Google Home, and even a new operating system. All clear signs that Google's ecosystem is evolving, furthering the need for rigorous Android testing. More devices, more Android testing opportunities Said to be completely focused on the Google experience, the sleek Pixel smartphone will be available October 20. It

  • Mobile app testing Windows 10 Mobile

Microsoft Renews Focus on Mobile App Development

The news this week was thick with stories related to mobile app development from Microsoft's Ignite conference in Atlanta. WinBeta discussed Microsoft's notable mobile announcement. The software giant intends to renew its focus on Windows 10 Mobile and create its own devices (Could this be a Surface phone?). This is happening despite the company's plans to end production of its Lumia phones. Furthermore, Windows 10 Insider Preview was released this week for developers. What does

  • iOS 10 to Disrupt Mobile App Testing

iOS 10 and the Mobile Testing Challenges of New Releases

In the news this week, Software Development Times discussed mobile testing issues introduced with the release of iOS 10. Apple's latest version of iOS was not as radical a change as the company's previous OS releases. Instead the focus was on updates to features like messaging, calendar, photo and notes. As a result, the user adoption rate so far has been slower than the adoption rate of iOS 8 or 9. Last week, Apple also

  • iPhone 7

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Now Available in Perfecto’s CQ Lab

There are many advantages to using a cloud-based testing lab – 24/7 support, an always-on environment, enterprise-level security. But let's not forget about access to new devices on the day they're available in stores. Today's the day for you to test iPhone 7 and 7 Plus inside Perfecto's CQ Lab. iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are officially available in Perfecto's cloud. We're excited to share that Apple's latest and greatest are up and

  • iOS 10 to Disrupt Mobile App Testing

iOS 10 Is About to Disrupt Mobile Testing Plans

In a previous post we mentioned the new features Apple is introducing with iOS 10. However, we did not touch on what the iOS 10 release means for existing mobile testing strategies. For background: Apple has decided with iOS 10 to make certain iPads, iPods and iPhones obsolete by stopping the OS they can run at iOS 9.x. The list of devices that will not be able to upgrade to iOS 10 and above are: iPad

  • mobile testing

Mobile Testing News Roundup: iOS 10, Mobile Overshadows Web

Here's what got us excited this week in mobile testing news: Apple released details on its upcoming OS release; CIO Review discussed automated testing; and data shows that mobile is now bigger than the web in terms of digital media usage. Read on for more details. Impending iOS 10 release In its keynote presentation this week, Apple announced the availability of iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and iOS 10. iOS 10 boasts improvements for apps

  • Mobile Testing Helps Ensure Great Digital Quality

Mobile Testing News Roundup: Apple TV Series, Cognitive Computing

In the news this week, we saw innovation for mobile testing, coding, user experience, and even television shows. A zero-code app platform was announced. Cognitive computing was used for a travel app in Orlando. UnitedHealthcare worked to give their app more functionality; and Apple released new information on its upcoming app-based TV series. Read on for more details. Travel app embraces cognitive computing The Orlando Tourism Board has developed a mobile travel app called WayBlazer

  • Enterprise Grade Mobile Cloud Security Testing

Mobile Testing News Roundup: Mobile Development Tools, New Testing Conditions and the Best Security for Your App

As developers and users, we are constantly looking for ways to make our apps better with new tools and better testing. In the news this week, factors to consider when choosing a mobile app development tool are discussed; humidity is introduced as an app testing condition; and biometrics are named as the best for mobile app security. Read on for details. Factors to Consider When Selecting Mobile App Development Tools Choosing the right tool for

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