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New Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus Available for Testing in the Perfecto CQL™

Continuing more than 3 years’ track record of same-day support for new versions of devices, browsers and OS versions, Perfecto is pleased to announce availability of the newly introduced Samsung S8 and Samsung S8 Plus devices in its continuous quality lab – CQL™. These 2 new smartphones, first announced in MWC 2017, were just shipped to the market following pre-orders of more than 1 million units. Samsung, as the biggest Android OEM, is innovating its [...]

Why You Should Think About Reporting Test Driven Development (RTDD)

Drive Faster Quality Analysis Through Tags and Customized Test Code Quality visibility is all about logic. It should be fast, easy and mostly effective – if the dashboard or report that you’re using gives you the right ‘hint’ of what is the next move – then you’re all set. When it comes to gaining fast and efficient quality analysis, these are usually the pains we hear:  Test executions - length as well as context-driven test [...]

2017 – The Year of Digital Quality

FY 2017 is just around the corner and it is that time of the year when technology trends and predictions are starting to spread all over. As your organization leadership is probably setting the strategic goals for 2017 inline with the market demands, challenges, and trends, it would be smart to validate your digital plans during this planning. Industry digitalization FY 2017 will involve dramatically the enablement of Digital Technology Platforms as Gartner, Inc. predicted [...]

  • Autism and Beyond Mobile App

Duke University’s Autism and Beyond App

In the news this week, Duke University discussed its mobile research app, called Autism and Beyond. After the creation and testing of the app, the university, of course, needed to test its accuracy. Duke teamed up with global partners, including Pekin University in China, and has thus far seen very promising results. Over 2,000 people have participated in the study and the app has proven to be just as effective and accurate as autism experts. [...]

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Google Pixel Phones, Home Device Up Game for Android Testing

This week, Google's Pixel smartphone took center stage and TechCrunch and other new outlets covered it in spades. The event boasted several announcements, including new mobile devices, Google Home, and even a new operating system. All clear signs that Google's ecosystem is evolving, furthering the need for rigorous Android testing. More devices, more Android testing opportunities Said to be completely focused on the Google experience, the sleek Pixel smartphone will be available October 20. It [...]

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