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How to Size Your Mobile Device Lab

After gathering feedback from customers, we have found the main problem companies usually face when building and sustaining a mobile device lab is the size of their lab- matching the device list to their organization's requirements and sizing the lab accordingly. If the lab size is not accurate, improving test cycle velocity and overall quality will be difficult. In this post, we'll highlight one approach to sizing a mobile device lab based on specific requirements. To help with your [...]

CA’s Agile Requirements Designer & Perfecto’s CQ Lab: A Match Made in Heaven

With the rapid pace of technology growth today, it’s no surprise that organizations are under constant pressure to deliver working software faster than ever before. But at what cost? What were once well thought out test cases are now giving way to loose requirements and software that is riddled with bugs. This is where CA's Agile Requirements Designer (ARD) is helping companies make exponential progress by providing a tool for end-to-end requirements gathering, which then [...]

The Continuous Integration Legend

The importance of achieving continuous quality visibility during Continuous Integration is growing these days. Release cycles are getting more frequent, there is much more to test in order to meet today’s coverage metrics (Did anyone said “DIGITAL”?) and the number of test cases is also growing (service logic/mechanism is built to scale and requires us to test more components). Walking the Agile path, we are required to calibrate our efforts to stabilize everything during a [...]

The 4 Keys To DevOps Efficiency

Whether you think you’re on the road to DevOps efficiency or not, that’s where the software industry is converging in 2017 and it is coming for you too. The good news is that you’re probably either already doing a number of DevOps-like things simply because they’re more efficient, and efficiency is a big sticker on every development organization’s bumper these days. Why Is Everyone Talking About DevOps Now? The conversation we now call DevOps started [...]

iOS Packet Trace – Recording Network Traffic on Remote iOS Devices Using DevTunnel

Whether you’re a developer trying to debug your iOS app, or an individual in a product team running a CI job – recording the network traffic of the device while you’re debugging your application or while a test is running can bring great benefit to the process and to the end results. Dumped network traffic contains important information regarding your device’s network connection – from DNS request and response times to overall network latency and errors, [...]

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