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Cheap Smartphones, Android Will Overtake Market, Studies Say

The cellular world in general and that of smartphones in particular, is an ever moving and changing world, a reality that has been highlighted in recent studies of worldwide trends.Last year the research firm Gartner predicted that by 2013 the Android OS will overtake Apple's iOS as the most popular smartphone OS, but in its annual global smartphone forecast it revisited that assessment. 2013? Check that. Try 2011.Gartner now says that by the end of [...]

Apple Eases Restrictions on App Development, But Only a Little

Last week Apple announced some changes in its strict app development policy. In case you weren’t paying attention, here is the jist of the Apple announcement:•    Apple would end the ban on intermediary development tools for the iOS •    Apple still bans the download of any code by App Store softwareThis means that developers are now allowed to code in languages, like Adobe Flash, and port those apps through a new Apple application into the [...]

Perfecto Mobile enables testing on the new Dell Streak

The new Android based Dell Streak is now available for developers who want to test their new mobile applications on Perfecto Mobile’s Handset Cloud Service.  Although Dell has officially proclaimed it’s new Streak a tablet, since it has a 5-inch multi-touch screen, which is definitely too big for a cellphone, most observers seem to believe it probably should be defined as a big smartphone.  Techradar, for instance, has concluded that with the Streak, the lines have been [...]

How to test android applications? Perfecto Mobile offers developers a special Android testing package

Perfecto Mobile came out with a special offer for Android application developers allowing them to test the newest Android-based devices on the company's Mobile Droid Cloud. Developers can get 20 monthly usage hours for only $99 or purchase any number of hours for only $9 with no other fees or commitments.The Mobile Droid Cloud provides web access to a variety of real Android-based devices, located in the US, UK, Canada and Israel. By using the [...]

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