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Why You Should Think About Reporting Test Driven Development (RTDD)

Drive Faster Quality Analysis Through Tags and Customized Test Code Quality visibility is all about logic. It should be fast, easy and mostly effective – if the dashboard or report that you’re using gives you the right ‘hint’ of what is the next move – then you’re all set. When it comes to gaining fast and efficient quality analysis, these are usually the pains we hear:  Test executions - length as well as context-driven test

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Using Espresso for Fast and Reliable Feedback

Last week, we hosted a webinar on Espresso, the UI testing framework for Android native apps. As an introductory, it was great to see a mix of experiences and skill sets in the audience We chose this topic because we see many customers interested in using Espresso, migrating from other frameworks, and combining testing technologies to include more testing in every build cycle. Questions: Daniel: “What's your opinion about using UIAutomator with Espresso? It's a

Check Out the Latest in Web and Mobile Development Tools

Last week we introduced new web and mobile development tools that improve velocity within your SDLC, giving you more time to develop (and spend less time fixing bugs). "Just Let Me Code" was our battle cry as we debuted the tools at DeveloperWeek 2017 in San Francisco. Check out a demo of the latest and greatest - DevTunnel - to see how you can debug, validate and troubleshoot your web and mobile apps with real

Perfecto Boosts Team Collaboration with Digital Zoom™ Reporting Slack Integration

Communicating quality for your digital products across the organization is becoming a MUST. Having the ability to take data-driven decisions in real-time enables organizations to move faster and assure their customer digital experience. As activities are growing and teams become hybrid (as part of the move to agile workflows), it is hard to keep everyone on the same page. In most cases, team communications are increasingly noisy and overwhelmed by the large amount of data that

The Path to Agile Testing Through Sprint Planning

One of the key pillars of Agile is to drive effective interactions between the right individuals. We want to structure teams that are able to deliver value in a complex environment. Since we believe face-to-face interaction amongst co-located individuals is the best medium of communication, we strive to create co-located teams in which all participants are delivering value, especially for our tough features/initiatives, if not all of our work.   We believe in focusing development

Mobile Testing Coverage Calendar – New for 2017

We're one month out from the big MWC event in Barcelona, so it's a good time to re-validate whether your mobile testing lab is ready for this exciting year. 2017 is definitely going to be a remarkable year with regards to mobile innovation, and using a calendar as a team planning tool that takes this innovation into consideration, to continuously validate and fine-tune existing device/browser labs can reduce misalignments between business requirements and quality goals. Most

Digging into Device Fragmentation at AnDevCon

At AnDevCon in San Francisco last month, we asked other experts a simple question: “How is platform and device fragmentation in the Android ecosystem a challenge?” We had a chance to sit and talk with Alex Austin, CEO of, to hear how he sees the importance of addressing device fragmentation and variety for web and native apps viewed on mobile devices.   The Mobile Space is Nuts I mean pants on fire, bowl of

Shifting Mobile App Quality into the Dev Build Cycles

There’s no doubt that quality is becoming a joint team responsibility, and with that in mind it is not enough for traditional QA engineers to develop and execute test automation post a successful build. Expectations around mobile application development teams are growing; they are on the hook to produce quality code. To do this, devs must try to include as many tests as they can in their build cycles for each code commit. Tests can

Adaptability Through Early Validation

Software teams aspire to work fast, adapt to their market’s needs, and to have a sense of pride in their work. Defects can crush those aspirations, which means they need to be addressed as early as possible. Testing as part of every build improves quality and velocity by reducing re-work through fast feedback on code changes, but there’s far more to it than automated testing. "Quality is more important than quantity, and in the end,

A Week of App Testing Day 4: Mobile Device Coverage

As a part of our weeklong series on “Getting Started with Mobile App Testing” today we look at Mobile Device Coverage. This is a topic we love here at Perfecto. Testing on a single device doesn’t mean that your app will work an all devices. And testing on every device in the world is simply un-doable. We’ll help you understand how to reach an adequate level of coverage to ensure app compatibility on devices actually

A Week of App Testing Day 3: Mobile Test Automation that Works

As a part of our weeklong series on “Getting Started with Mobile App Testing” today we look at mobile test automation, and specifically, automation that works. And that’s an important differentiator. When apps fail, close to 50% of developers site a lack of reliable automation as the primary reason (read the report). The pace of modern mobile development coupled with the variety of tests required to ensure delivery of a quality product have driven development

A Week of App Testing Day 2: Why Mobile Testing Matters

As a part of our weeklong series on “Getting Started with Mobile App Testing” today we look at why mobile app testing matters. Seems obvious, but so often, we run into companies that put velocity over quality, and and up paying for it in the form of bad app reviews, damaged reputation, and loss of business. Developers are fallible. Even with best intentions, they make mistakes, usually without being aware of it. Development organizations thoroughly

A Week of App Testing Day 1: Introducing the Concept of Mobile App Testing

So you’re thinking of building a mobile app or perhaps you’ve already built one; depending on the approach you’ve taken, it could be a web app, a native app, or both. This week, we are going to dig into some excerpts from a new eBook, entitled “Getting Started with Mobile App Testing” designed to help get readers started with mobile app testing basics and provide some mobile app testing tips as well.   Perfecto

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Perfecto Release 9.3 Is Major Push Toward Efficient Continuous Quality

Perfecto’s Release 9.3 delivers a significant number of new capabilities and service improvements. It’s not every release about which we’d write a dedicated blog post, however I felt compelled to share my perspective on the value points that this tremendous release delivers. In the area of digital testing, we’ve made a significant leap in our alignment with market share of desktop OS and browsers. According to Net Market Share, the following represents the current distribution: Desktop

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5 Ways to Detect App Issues Earlier in Your Release Cycles – A Webinar Recap

If you didn’t get a chance to join us for our webinar on Wednesday, here’s a recap and some insights on how you can detect app issues during production instead of during acceptance testing. Paul Bruce, Developer Evangelist, and Nick Sanjines, Systems Engineer, both with Perfecto, took time to talk about how the industry is approaching app development and testing. There were some technical glitzes with the presentation platform but they were able to talk

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Eliminating Flaky UI Tests to Stabilize Continuous Delivery

The software delivery process is constantly evolving to meet market and economic demands. New technologies allow developers to build software faster which requires equal improvement of practices in other areas of delivery such as testing to avoid creating gaps in quality or velocity. A modern approach to this challenge by top performing software teams is to adopt testing as part of short iterative development cycles rather than treat software quality as a separate phase of

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3 Shortcomings of Using Emulators for Device Testing

We hear the question all the time: Should we use emulators or real devices? The answer may seem so obvious... Of course using real devices for testing is always better than using emulators! But it's a topic that comes up a lot and it is always beneficial to our customers to answer this question with specific reasons why this is the case. Here are three reasons why using a mobile testing emulator is limited in

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Mobile App Development and Testing: 4 Things Executives Should Know

Studying the nuances and intricacies of mobile app development and testing may not be a top priority for executives, but understanding the critical role testers play in delivering a great brand experience to customers should be an important objective for execs. Testers and DevOps managers who toil away to deliver apps to market often wish executives better understood their daily challenges. We know the developer and tester mindset well, and based on conversations we have

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Up for a Challenge: Test Automation with Appium for #30daysofMobileTesting

In the spirit of #30daysofmobiletesting, (which you should check out if you haven't already) I recorded a cool test automation video to show you. The video checks off challenge number 8, "write automated checks with a tool like Espresso, Calabash or Appium." I did it with iOS and Android, so I guess that checks off number 10 also, which is "perform an update test on iOS or Android."  :) Day 8 Challenge: Test Automation with a tool like

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3 Ways to Make Mobile Manual Testing Less Painful

With 60% of the industry still functioning at 30% mobile test automation it's clear that manual testing is taking a major chunk of a testing team's time. As we acknowledge the need for both manual and automation testing, and without drilling down into the caveats of manual testing, let's understand how can teams can reduce the time it takes, and even transition to an automated approach to testing. 1. Manual and Automation Testing: Analyze Your Existing Test

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Google Pixel Phones, Home Device Up Game for Android Testing

This week, Google's Pixel smartphone took center stage and TechCrunch and other new outlets covered it in spades. The event boasted several announcements, including new mobile devices, Google Home, and even a new operating system. All clear signs that Google's ecosystem is evolving, furthering the need for rigorous Android testing. More devices, more Android testing opportunities Said to be completely focused on the Google experience, the sleek Pixel smartphone will be available October 20. It

  • Enterprise Grade Mobile Cloud Security Testing

3 Common Mobile Cloud Security Testing Scenarios

Security is not easy at any company. However, it's particularly challenging for a SaaS provider of hosted mobile devices. On top of that, Perfecto's customers comprise most of the Fortune 500 and each believes their use case is unique. Each month, I have many conversations with customers about mobile cloud security that require hours of risk assessments. These conversations typically revolve around one of three use cases: The customer with sensitive applications Customers with sensitive

  • Best Mobile Testing Tools

Do You Have the Right Tools to Analyze Your Mobile Testing?

In Agile environments today, a great digital experience is a prerequisite. Organizations are expected to have an efficient mobile testing strategy and release apps quickly across devices and operating systems. However, without visibility into your test results, it's hard to deliver high-quality apps. What makes up a successful reporting tool? Consider these characteristics: It should fit into the Agile mindset of fast feedback and frequent releases. Accessible via the web and be self-generated on-demand by

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