Drive Faster Quality Analysis Through Reporting Test Driven Development (RTDD™) & DigitalZoom™

//Drive Faster Quality Analysis Through Reporting Test Driven Development (RTDD™) & DigitalZoom™

A recent survey conducted by Perfecto reveals that ~40% of organizations spend between 4-8 working hours to analyze regression test suites post execution.

That’s not a surprise, considering the growing number of factors that are required to be plugged into each cycle – mobile and web platforms, environments, user-conditions, and many more.


To shrink the overall investigation time and decision making process, Perfecto launched its DigitalZoom™ product with the aim of offering a 3-layer quality analysis view – from an executive dashboard view, through suite level and down to the single test report that comes with a list of attached artifacts such as logs, vitals, network PCAP files, screenshots, videos, and stack traces.

With that solution, teams can easily collaborate amongst themselves through built-in integrations to Slack, Jira, Jenkins and leading IDEs and arrive at joint data-driven quality decisions that can significantly reduce the time they spend on regression analysis. Obviously, the time spent, can be derived to innovation, coverage improvements and more.

Among the many benefits RTDD strategy delivers to organizations, a basic workflow can be examined that shows the cycle from Jenkins build à Slack build notification à Viewing and launching that build from the reporting dashboard à drilling down to the single test report.

Step 1: Trigger new build from Jenkins

Step 2: Get notification from Jenkins to the Slack channel upon build completion

Step 3: Divert to the reporting dashboard

Step 4: Drill down into a single test report

Finally, looking at an all-green dashboard is the end goal of any feature team 😊

Recently Perfecto conducted a very well attended webinar that was fully dedicated to this subject. To learn more and watch “Drive Faster Quality Insights through Customized Test Automation Scripts!

Tzvika Shahaf is a Director of Product Management at Perfecto, focusing on the quality intelligence and reporting and analytics capabilities. He previously worked in business development and product leader roles at venture capital and startup firms.

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