Test Coverage Toolkit Helps Teams Optimize Mobile App Testing Efforts

Ultimate Digital Test Coverage Toolkit Helps You Make Better Decisions

//Ultimate Digital Test Coverage Toolkit Helps You Make Better Decisions

When it comes to building high-quality apps and websites on different devices and browsers, it’s nearly impossible to keep pace with the market using manual testing or even test automation alone. Enterprise digital teams need a comprehensive, data-driven test strategy. The Ultimate Test Coverage Toolkit will help you keep pace, test better and ensure you are testing on the right digital platforms.

Knowing which devices to test on, why they matter and how to build out a mobile testing strategy are three aspects of digital delivery that perplex many organizations. Perfecto’s new Ultimate Digital Test Coverage Toolkit is here to help with a free collection of resources to aid testers, DevOps and product development groups in making better decisions about their web and mobile test strategies.

What makes up the Ultimate Digital Test Coverage Toolkit?

The toolkit includes three valuable tools to help identify the right mix of mobile devices and browsers to test on in various geographies.

Digital Test Coverage Index (Report)

This is a quarterly report that combines data from 4,000+ device profiles, mobile market usage data and proprietary Perfecto analysis to help teams determine the level of digital quality testing required to cover all relevant target markets and customers on an ongoing basis. The best part? You can subscribe to get the index automatically delivered every quarter!

Digital Test Coverage Optimizer (Web tool)

The optimizer is a free responsive web tool that enables teams to discover the best device/operating system mix for the best digital coverage with the fewest devices possible. Users simply enter their mobile device coverage preferences and immediately receive a list of devices and operating systems to test against, tailored to their geography.

Ultimate Digital Test Coverage Guide (E-book)

To round out the Toolkit package, we’ve published a comprehensive e-book. This must-have guide gives practical advice on how to approach, build and maintain a successful digital test strategy. You’ll learn about important mobile application testing considerations such as automating testing and conducting real-user condition testing. The guide is based on exclusive enterprise cloud usage data and the experiences of Perfecto’s most-valued customers.

Slide presentation of the Ultimate Digital Test Coverage Guide below:

For more information, learn more about the industry’s best test coverage toolkit:

The Ultimate Digital Test Coverage Toolkit

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