Cloud Based Testing Lab Supports Location and IoT Testing

We’re Previewing a Hybrid Cloud Testing Lab that Supports Location-based and Internet of Things Testing at Mobile World Congress

//We’re Previewing a Hybrid Cloud Testing Lab that Supports Location-based and Internet of Things Testing at Mobile World Congress

Were you at Mobile World Congress? Perfecto previewed our next generation cloud based testing solution, LocalLink, a new extension to its Continuous Quality Lab. Why is LocalLink so important you ask? LocalLink addresses location-based quality needs and testing of Internet of Things (IoT); it expands tests coverage and capabilities, mitigates risks that businesses face in releasing faulty apps, and improves the velocity of the app delivery process to accelerate overall time to market.

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Perfecto Mobile‘s LocalLink connects devices in-hand, to the cloud-based Continuous Quality Lab, allowing organizations to test their apps anywhere they choose while centrally managing all devices, hosted and local, in one integrated environment. LocalLink gives teams the flexibility to add devices to their existing cloud as needed, while still experiencing the benefits of the Continuous Quality Lab. In addition, LocalLink allows for testing IoT, which often require proximity to the device during operation (due to connecting via Bluetooth or WiFi).

In order to manage risks associated with poor app quality, it is important for enterprises to select a testing lab and platform that supports a continuous quality process and can be highly customized to address needs across a variety of use cases. LocalLink can be customized for:

  • Location-based Testing – In some cases there is a need to have a device at a specific location or in close proximity to the tester to ensure accuracy. This can be a critical requirement as mobile apps can be impacted by network conditions that can only be found on location (stores, banking branches, stadiums, etc.). With LocalLink, users can easily add devices, from any location in the world, to the Continuous Quality Lab and run a fully managed and centralized quality process that is remotely accessed and includes all devices across multiple sites.
  • IoT and Unique Integrations – As the connected enterprise becomes more complex, so does the world of testing. The mobile landscape continues to evolve and grow to include interactions with unique or proprietary devices, such as refrigerators, scales, thermometers, wearables, etc. but the overall testing process still needs to be managed holistically and as part of the continuous quality process users have come to expect. LocalLink makes this possible by allowing connectivity between the app and the IoT device to be conducted via Bluetooth or local WiFi.
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