Perfecto Offers First in Market Support for iOS11 Dev Preview

Perfecto Offers First in Market Support for iOS11 Dev Preview

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It is the time of year, post WWDC that Apple rolls out its next major iOS release to the developer community. With the excitement around the 10th anniversary of iPhone and a new major release, teams need to understand the impact to their existing iOS applications.

Before drilling into the implications, I am happy to announce, that Perfecto is the 1st in the market to offer support for the new iOS11 platform for both manual and Appium automated testing in the cloud.

iOS 11 Implications

Lab Setup

Similarly to the iOS 10 release, Apple is removing support for more legacy devices when upgrading to the new iOS11. iPhone 5, iPhone 5C and iPad 4th generation are not going to join the journey to iOS11. Adding to these devices the already excluded iPhone 4S, iPad Mini, and iPad 2 that are stuck on iOS 9.3.5, Apple is creating a lab challenge to app development teams since they now need to support 3 iOS families that vary from their feature set, testing suites and more.

Teams need to leverage the newly released iOS11 today and start tuning their lab and test automation code to run successfully across these 3 platforms and respective devices to identify and resolve any glitches they see 3 months prior to GA so they are ready to support their customers with the GA of iOS11/iPhone 8(X).

Test Automation

As mentioned above, the lab complexity is now greater than before, and only with automation across the various platforms can teams continue to support their customers and innovate. Appium is the leading test framework for native apps test automation, and Perfecto embraces this framework together with XCTest to enable its customers to automate and extend their automation coverage even further. Perfecto’s R&D invested a great amount of time to build an advanced layer called PCL™ (Perfecto Connectivity Layer) into the platform. It facilitates not only immediate support for new devices and OS versions but also additional testing capabilities such as WindTunnel™, network conditions, advanced reporting with HAR File, Touch ID, injecting images and audio and many others.

iOS11 is introducing changes from both UI perspective, web browser (Safari with WebRTC) changes and many more. Having the ability to automate more on top of Appium can allow teams to reduce the manual testing pain, run in parallel across platforms and drive faster feedback to the developers.

Watch a short video demo of Perfecto’s continuous quality lab that demonstrates Appium test automation on iOS11 in the cloud:

App Debugging

With a new platform and new capabilities, developers will get plenty of opportunities to innovate and enhance their iOS apps. Having remote access to the iOS devices from their working IDE environment is a great way to automate the entire workflow of dev, build, debug, and integrate such features. Perfecto offers a DevTunnel for both iOS and Android for that purpose. It enables developers to easily access their remote cloud-based iOS devices and perform full iOS app debugging from their IDEs.

To start your testing with iOS11, please contact your Perfecto account management team.

Happy Testing!

About the Author:

Eran Kinsbruner is the Chief Evangelist at Perfecto and Author of the Digital Quality Handbook and Continuous Testing for DevOps Professionals books. He is formerly the CTO for mobile testing and Texas Instruments project manager at Matrix, Eran has been in testing since 1999 with experience that includes managing teams at ADT, Sun Microsystems, General Electric, and NeuStar. You can find Eran on Facebook, Twitter @ek121268, LinkedIn, and on his professional continuous testing blog at


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