A Week of App Testing Day 2: Why Mobile Testing Matters

//A Week of App Testing Day 2: Why Mobile Testing Matters

As a part of our weeklong series on “Getting Started with Mobile App Testing” today we look at why mobile app testing matters. Seems obvious, but so often, we run into companies that put velocity over quality, and and up paying for it in the form of bad app reviews, damaged reputation, and loss of business.

Why mobile app testing matters.Developers are fallible. Even with best intentions, they make mistakes, usually without being aware of it. Development organizations thoroughly test their apps in order to increase the likelihood they will find those mistakes before users do. As an app’s complexity increases or the number of developers on a project increases, you’ll need a more formal testing process and a dedicated set of tools to use. The best mobile app testing tip we can offer is, test every part of your app in every release.

In the eBook, we double click into three bullets that highlight initiatives driving testing’s importance:

Delivering on App Quality: Someone in your business ordered the development of an app with the best of intentions to delight end users. Quality, or lack of it, can derail that objective. The best set of features is only as good as the quality with which it is delivered. If your app doesn’t work, it doesn’t matter how great its supposed to be.

why-mobile-app-testing-mattersProtecting Users from Harm: You see it all the time. “Big company exposes customer passwords in plain text within mobile app.” Or something like that. Or worse, “App crash renders users’ devices unusable.” As the app provider, you’re responsible for protecting your users’ data, device, and experience.

Protecting the Value of Your Brand: CEOs love to see their companies on the front page of the Wall Street Journal. But not because a low quality mobile app. The path from low quality to bad PR is pretty short, actually. No one likes to leave negative reviews more than people that think they have been wronged in some way. So, if your quality is good, it’s likely you won’t hear a lot about it. But if your quality is bad? App store review explosion.

There are plenty of more reasons and even more examples. So I’ll ask you: What have you born witness to, when it comes to bad app quality? And how have you felt about the company that built it?

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