A Week of App Testing Day 4: Mobile Device Coverage

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As a part of our weeklong series on “Getting Started with Mobile App Testing” today we look at Mobile Device Coverage. This is a topic we love here at Perfecto. Testing on a single device doesn’t mean that your app will work an all devices. And testing on every device in the world is simply un-doable. We’ll help you understand how to reach an adequate level of coverage to ensure app compatibility on devices actually in use in your user-base.

not just devices, the right devices.But how hard can it be? “I want this to run on Android.” Oh, cool. That sounds pretty straightforward. We need the app to run on Google’s mobile operating system. Yeah… it’s not straightforward. Not at all. Google has released 14 named (major) versions of Android, starting with Alpha and continuing through Nougat (Aug 2016). But that’s not the end of that story. Once Google releases an OS version, device manufacturers take it, and wrap it for their devices (so each manufacturer’s version is slightly different). Then, the mobile carriers add their own customization. So the variations seem endless. Understanding what devices matter to your user-base is critical to delivering an app that delights.

“But wait,” you say. “Can’t this be solved with an emulator or simulator?” 

Sure. But here’s the thing: Testing with Simulators and Emulators is different. How?

Here’s how:

  • Designed for basic functional testing
  • Can’t test hardware components
  • Can’t test real world user conditions
  • Can’t test gestures
  • Emulators test under ideal hardware, OS and network conditions, commonly resulting in false positives

But there’s more. As a test cloud provider, we are pretty keyed in to this issue, and actually provide coverage tools like our quarterly DeviceCoverage Index, and our Coverage Optimizer tool.

But for now, go grab the eBook, for the rest of the story.

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