Nokia N97 Mini available for testing in Perfecto Mobile’s service

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Nokia has launched the new N97 Mini, which is a smaller version of the N97 smartphone that was introduced only three months ago. The new device is now available for developers who want to test their application with Perfecto Mobile’s Handset Cloud service.

Reviewers weren’t too excited about the new smartphone explaining that it resembles the good old N97 too much. So for instance, a reviewer at Mobile-Review noted that: “I don’t feel particularly enthusiastic about Nokia N97 Mini – it’s not the most petite phone around, by any stretch of imagination. And at the same time it packs in a downgraded keyboard. If the price gap between the N97 and N97 mini was around 200, it would have become really sought-after. But at only 100 it’s not all that interesting”.

The phones features were also criticized for their lack of inspiration. A commentator at Techradar noted that “the screen doesn’t feel a lot smaller, and although Nokia went to great lengths to point out how the keyboard has been improved, we couldn’t really feel much difference. The keys have been raised and slightly re-aligned, but we never really had a problem with the original N97.”

On a more positive note a reviewer at Cell Phone Answers commented that “beautiful are the stainless steel accents and the mechanism to tilt the screen. Very useful is the ability to create your own desktop with applications you use frequently. Also new is the life-casting function. Turns your mobile phone from location (via GPS) and status information on Facebook. Biggest difference with the original N97 was smaller 8GB of internal memory instead of 32 GB.”

Date of introduction to the Perfecto Mobile service
October 20th, 2009

 – Screen size: 360 x 640 pixels, 3.2 inches
 – Operating System: Symbian OS v9.4
 – Device family:  Series 60 rel. 5

Usage tips in the Perfecto Mobile service
Limitations: Before typing a number using typetext you have to tap the keyboard icon on the main screen.

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