Perfecto Mobile CEO Talks Digital, Rigorous App Testing in Interview

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At Enterprise Apps World this week in London, Perfecto Mobile CEO Eran Yaniv sat down with Mobile World Live to discuss the company’s mission to help enterprises instill quality in their apps — from development all the way through customer support.

Eran Yaniv

Eran Yaniv

In the interview, Yaniv told the tale of how Perfecto’s customers have progressed from solely telecom operators in the early days (“early days” being 2010) to today’s growing list of banking, retail, media, manufacturing, and oil and gas customers.

He also emphasized that the key to Perfecto’s success has been the real-world conditions the company recreates in its 12 data centers that contain real mobile devices.

“Think of putting a plane in a wind tunnel, making it rain, that kind of stuff. When you put an app in our environment you decide what device and operating software it will go on. We can inject GPS location into the device … Developers can even set network parameters around the device — if the network is slow or fast, 3G or 4G — and decide what load will be on the back end server.”

The transition to more broad digital technologies is also hot on Yaniv’s mind as Perfecto prepares to serve enterprises that are expanding their app development from smartphones and tablets to wearables, Internet of Things devices, TVs, cars, and more.

Read the full story on Mobile World Live.

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