Using Selenium WebDriver to Test the Pokemon Go Mobile Website

Pokemon GO: Mobile and Web Testing Using Selenium WebDriver

//Pokemon GO: Mobile and Web Testing Using Selenium WebDriver

Pokemon GO continues on its unprecedented tear through the mobile world. Last week TechCrunch and other new sources reported the app reached a record-breaking 75 million downloads across Android and iOS. Given Pokemon’s immense popularity, we decided to do some mobile automation testing of the Pokemon GO responsive website on different devices. We used Selenium WebDriver for the test given that Selenium is the leading open-source test automation tool with support for all the major programming languages and IDEs.

We figured many of you Selenium users out there have a responsive website like Pokemon GO that allows users to download your native mobile app from the site. So this is the path we set out to validate in our video demo below using Selenium Remote WebDriver.

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The demo shows one script testing web, mobile web and native apps all at the same time. Here are the steps we highlight.

    1. Open the Pokemon GO website on iOS (iPhone 6S), Android (Samsung Galaxy S7) and on a Chrome desktop browser running Windows 8.1
    2. Verify that the site is displaying content correctly — the script has integrated visual testing to confirm the logos and other content appear in the right way.
    3. After this validation, close the desktop version and install the Pokemon Go native app on the phone via the website.
    4. Confirm that the app opens on the iOS and Android phones.
    5. Close the devices.
    6. Show a test report for what just took place with metrics such as duration, devices used, user conditions via Perfecto’s Wind Tunnel service, and more.

Learn More about Selenium WebDriver

The demo makes it clear how easy it is to do side-by-side testing of mobile and desktop websites using Selenium. As part of our Summer of Selenium celebration, we hosted a webinar on August 4 about using Selenium to automate tests you never thought possible. In the webinar, Uzi Eilon, Perfecto Director of Technology, and I went over this Pokemon GO test but added location testing, which is critical if you want to test for real user conditions.

Click here to watch a recording of the webinar

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