DevOps Tools Aren’t Enough to Transform Your Process

As software practitioners, we all love tools that make us more efficient and we’ve already optimized our development environments with keyboard shortcuts, window managers, shell enhancements, and IDE plugins. Even after all these DevOps tools have shaved milliseconds off our daily workload, it’s still possible to find time to learn new configuration management tools, participate in DevOps training, and otherwise contribute to a better agile development process that actually improves team velocity. DevOps Transformation Is

Performance Testing in the Age of Agile and Digital Transformation

Performance Testing Has Evolved Performance testing does not resemble what it used to be, say, five years ago. When you examine the tools provided and their capabilities, they tell a story. Careful examination and tuning of the scalability, potential break points, and efficiency of backend services was the main objective. What changed? Here are a few pointers to get started: Digital transformation: The pivotal role played by mobile apps and web sites in the core

Five-Star Apps: What It Takes to Get Rave Reviews

Here's some advice every enterprise mobile team would agree with: Make sure your app works before you send it to the app store. But what does having the "app work" really mean? Of course it needs to pass all functional tests and deliver a solid user experience. But are you doing rigorous performance testing on real devices against all network and end-user conditions, and monitoring app usage once it's live? If glitches are discovered in

Here’s Why Your Mobile Quality Lab Needs to Be Always-On

One of IT's main responsibilities is making sure the company's information systems continue to function all the time. What do you expect from systems such as email, ERP, CRM, Wi-Fi, file server? You need 24/7 and 99.9% availability, right? What do you expect from internal systems such as a corporate portal, room scheduling system, and HR benefits? Quite the same, right? If you're expected to do your work, it's expected that the organization will provide

Mobile App Development: Continuous Integration or Eventual Failure

What got you here won’t get you there. Not only is this the title of Marshall Goldsmith’s best-selling business book, it’s also what every mobile app developer should be telling themselves about traditional enterprise development methodologies. So what will help mobile app developers get to the next level? In our view, a commitment to agile development and continuous integration (CI). But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what Gartner analysts Van L. Baker and

Survey Says: Industry Momentum for Selenium WebDriver Adoption

        Some 400 mobile quality professionals dished on Selenium adoption within their organization. Here's what they had to say:     73% of respondents said YES, they are evaluating or using Selenium at their company. 38% of respondents said there is more Selenium interest or usage than last year, while 19% answered far more interest or usage. That's 57% of respondents who revealed an increase in interest or usage!

Network Virtualization As a “Shift Left” Enabler

Services delivered using mobile applications are growing in diversity and complexity. The mission to ensure the quality of an application in a rapid release cycle is also challenging. Many recognize the need to introduce user experience testing earlier in the application development/QA stage, as part of their Continuous Integration (CI) or Agile cycle to ensure coverage early on. Perfecto Mobile is taking the first step in a larger initiative to shift testing components that traditionally happen

  • Continuous Unattended Testing

The Keys To Continuous Unattended Testing and Mobile Test Automation That Works!

In the world of continuous unattended testing, a developer's claim "Well it works on my device" is not acceptable. Mobile is by far more fragmented than Desktop/Web platforms due to the variety of device types, OS versions, and the environment on which it operates (network impact, roaming, battery stretch etc.). When you test mobile, it is not sufficient to test on one or even a few devices, but instead test apps on several devices that

Accelerating the Mobile App Release Cycle through Continuous Integration

While mobile development cycles shrink in order to meet time-to-market demands, testing coverage continues to increase due to the growing number of platforms and devices on the market today. To meet these and other mobile SLDC challenges, organizations must find the proper strategy and tools to deliver faster and better. To address these needs, Perfecto Mobile has implemented a limited beta MobileCloud for Jenkins plug-in, which enables developers and agile/DevOps teams to shorten their code-build-test-deploy