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Mobile Testing of Location-Powered Android Apps

Mobile Testing Background Have you ever been in a situation where you’re trying to hail a car service or find a nearby coffee shop and your phone location has you a few blocks away, and the circle covers a two miles radius? Understandably, it drives users nuts! This is why it's important to have mobile testing for your location-based app.   Figure 1: Location accuracy could impact where your driver would pick you up. Many

Top Challenges Your Mobile App Testing Will Face with Android O Release

Google has announced the availability of the initial developer preview release for its upcoming new major OS release – Android O (rumored to be named “Oreo”). While this is only a developer preview and some of the included features in it can change or be pulled out in the future, this should be a perfect time to assess the implications from a Dev perspective that such a release might have on your existing app quality,

Mobile Testing on the Blogosphere: “Stop whining about Android fragmentation”

More Smartphones are sold these days than PC's. Enterprises can feel the ever-growing importance of obtaining flawless and secure mobile applications and websites. With the growing interest in mobile testing, there is a likewise rise in the number of available documentation about mobile testing. We collected several interesting bits of shared experiences and reviews from around the Web. Android Fragmentation is Manageable! Todd Hooper, CEO of a gaming company called Zipline, shares his experience of