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Definition of Done is Key to Releasing Better Apps

Do you know what’s in your definition of done? Do you have a shared understanding of what is needed by your team to scale DevOps? Do you know what your users expect before you call that feature complete? The Goal: Move Fast, Close Well At the heart of app development is the user story, a discrete statement of a goal. User stories translate to capabilities, features, and eventually code changes. When written clearly, these stories

Shifting Mobile App Quality into the Dev Build Cycles

There’s no doubt that quality is becoming a joint team responsibility, and with that in mind it is not enough for traditional QA engineers to develop and execute test automation post a successful build. Expectations around mobile application development teams are growing; they are on the hook to produce quality code. To do this, devs must try to include as many tests as they can in their build cycles for each code commit. Tests can

The Enterprise, Where No App Has Gone Before

Although the iPhone and iPad are still mostly devices that cater to the private individual consumer, Apple is making great strides to turn these two to corporate-friendly devices that will be widely used for business.            The BlackBerry has dominated the business world for quite some time now, but not all is lost for Apple. Matt Hamblen from Macworld reported back in April that developers are quickly adapting enterprise applications for the iPad,”even as some

Apple Eases Restrictions on App Development, But Only a Little

Last week Apple announced some changes in its strict app development policy. In case you weren’t paying attention, here is the jist of the Apple announcement:•    Apple would end the ban on intermediary development tools for the iOS •    Apple still bans the download of any code by App Store softwareThis means that developers are now allowed to code in languages, like Adobe Flash, and port those apps through a new Apple application into the

App Store Trends

A lot of water has flowed under the bridge and a lot of apps have been developed since Apple first introduced its App Store back in 2008. One thing has not changed - it's still the biggest and best app store around. The App Store has recently passed the 250,000 apps mark, and with a growing pace of about 50,000 apps every 3 months or so it seems that there’s no denying Apple from getting into

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An All-App War

As every developer knows, Apple's App Store is and has always been the benchmark for the rest of the app store industry. Nobody else can match the ease of purchase, the user friendly integration with the PC, and the distribution mechanism of iTunes. But the Apple App Store is one of a kind, and it lords over the apps for iPhone, iPad and iPad with an iron rule. No app can get there without going