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Identifying Root Causes for Flaky UI Tests Through Automated Testing

As part of my research at Perfecto, I keep track of activities that customers use to improve the speed at which they deliver web and mobile apps through automated testing. My current role grants me visibility into aspects of the broader process of software delivery beyond that which a day job of coding, estimation, and standup meetings typically provides. I'm glad to share three key areas that help to improve velocity by driving quality into

3 Steps To Improving Build Quality Through Automated Testing

As you develop your app to meet new user expectations, your codebase grows larger and increasingly complex. Automated testing in CI helps to keep defect rate down, but how do you know that everything you’ve built works for all your users?  Escaped defects are the bane of development and product teams. UI testing can help you ensure that your new work doesn’t introduce more re-work later, but comes with its own set of challenges. Despite

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Up for a Challenge: Test Automation with Appium for #30daysofMobileTesting

In the spirit of #30daysofmobiletesting, (which you should check out if you haven't already) I recorded a cool test automation video to show you. The video checks off challenge number 8, "write automated checks with a tool like Espresso, Calabash or Appium." I did it with iOS and Android, so I guess that checks off number 10 also, which is "perform an update test on iOS or Android."  :) Day 8 Challenge: Test Automation with a tool like

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Automate Tests for Every Build with Visual Studio Team Services

Today we're announcing availability of Perfecto's Continuous Quality Lab on Azure Marketplace, through Developer Services. We're launching with three offerings: 1. Start Testing for free – 50 hours/month for small teams to start testing on real devices 2. Automate Testing - 300 hours/month for teams moving from manual testing to automated testing 3. Achieve Continuous Testing – 600 hours/month for automated testing for DevOps teams The video demo in our Visual Studio blog post on

Webinar: The secrets to successful Mobile Testing – The Right Way to Automate

Wednesday, October 18, 2012. 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EDT Register Now! Join Perfecto Mobile for this one-hour session providing hands-on demonstration on how to effectively test your mobile websites and applications for quality.   In this hands-on webinar you will: See the Hybrid Approach to mobile testing in action – using both OS-level objects and GUI objects Discover how automation is effectively used for functional, regression and continuous testing on both native apps and

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What is the most important consideration for choosing a mobile application testing solution?

We asked the members of our LinkedIn mobile application testing professional group, Mobile Testing Center of Excellence by Perfecto Mobile: What is the most important consideration for choosing a mobile application testing solution? The votes are in and most participants think that testing on real handsets and tablets, and not just on emulators, is a key consideration for choosing a mobile application testing platform. The Four Considerations Mentioned Are Vital for Digital Quality Test on