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Road Tested: Could Your App Survive a Girls Trip to Austin?

Three weeks ago, for New Year’s Eve, some of my girlfriends and I decided to head down south to Austin, TX for the slightly-warmer weather, the endless supply of barbecue, and all the Friday Night Lights feels that Austin has to offer. If you haven’t experienced all that is Austin, I recommend it. Just don't try dieting while you’re there. But this isn't a travel piece. This is about the moment I realized my entire

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Perfecto Announces Integration with Microsoft Visual Studio Online

Enterprises using Microsoft Visual Studio Online are ambitiously trying to deliver winning digital experiences for users, but are challenged by a variety of factors, including: Creating an efficient workflow with diverse sets of tools Managing a complex mobile lab Using enough automation to deliver applications in a timely fashion In short, there's a lack of integration and it limits the ability to be Agile. Perfecto and Microsoft are here to help. Today, we announced a

Perfecto Mobile CEO Named Top Exec in 2015 Best in Biz Awards

We're excited to announce that Perfecto Mobile has gathered top honors in the Best in Biz Awards 2015 International, the only independent business awards judged by members of the press and industry analysts. Perfecto's CEO Eran Yaniv was named a Gold winner for Executive of the Year -- medium-sized category (100-999 employees). In this category, CEOs, COOs, and presidents from all industries and regions were eligible. More than 200 companies representing all sectors of the

Video: Leverage What You Know with Appium + Perfecto Mobile

Yesterday, we announced that we've extended the popular test automation framework, Appium, into our cloud-based Continuous Quality Lab. What we've essentially done is take Appium's test automation goodness and make it enterprise ready -- with better test automation, performance and monitoring in real-user environments. If you're an Appium user, check out our Appium Extension page for more information. As a follow-up to yesterday's big announcement, take a look at the video below demonstrating a cross-platform

Five-Star Apps: What It Takes to Get Rave Reviews

Here's some advice every enterprise mobile team would agree with: Make sure your app works before you send it to the app store. But what does having the "app work" really mean? Of course it needs to pass all functional tests and deliver a solid user experience. But are you doing rigorous performance testing on real devices against all network and end-user conditions, and monitoring app usage once it's live? If glitches are discovered in

Make Hybrid Object Analysis Part of Your Automated Testing

As mobile testing becomes more complex, there's a need for efficient testing tools and techniques to assure sufficient test coverage. When it comes to mobile test automation and object identification, it's important to have both Native object analysis and visual object analysis capabilities within your test automation frameworks. Native objects (or DOM for web apps) refer to the exact object properties of your mobile app such as button objects, lists, and others. Visual objects refer

Welcome George Kadifa to the Perfecto Mobile Board

I'm writing today to share some great news: the appointment of business and technology executive George Kadifa to Perfecto Mobile's Board of Directors. We've been working hard as an organization to partner with global enterprises and enable them to create better mobile apps faster and elevate the quality of the digital experience with continuous quality. As the mobile quality SaaS leader, we are intimately involved with hundreds of projects and teams (Dev, Dev-Test, QA, Operations)

App Letdowns: Mobile Glitches That Bug Us

We talk a lot here at Perfecto Mobile about testing to catch app glitches before they reach users at the wrong time. Enough of these “glitch moments” and the dreaded army of two-star ratings and angry tweets will soon attack. You can’t underestimate the damage this kind of negativity can do to your brand and bottom line. Nevertheless, the biggest room in the house is the room for improvement (Always liked that expression). That applies

Perfecto Mobile is a Stevie Award Finalist!

We have some exciting news to share – we’ve been selected for the Stevie Awards! Our Continuous Quality Lab is a finalist in the category of New Product or Service of the Year, Software, Mobile Development Solution. You can check out the other impressive companies selected by viewing the list here. We can only take such formidable competition as the compliment that it is. This is a huge honor for us and after all of

Are You Catching App Glitches Before They Reach Users?

In the mobile enterprise, even a temporary app malfunction can have a major business impact. We've seen this happen recently. Enterprises in retail, banking and the airline industry that rely on mobile apps and websites to serve customers experienced headline-grabbing hiccups over the past six months. During the holidays, mobile traffic spikes caused website glitches and outages at retailers like Best Buy, Foot Locker and Neiman Marcus at inopportune times during Black Friday weekend. More

Continuous Quality Fables: How to Keep Luke Out Of Your Death Star

Arguably one of the greatest defeats in sci-fi history is the scene above, in which Luke Skywalker pilots the equivalent of a space motorcycle towards an uncovered exhaust port, and – using his Jedi powers – bends space bullets into the Death Star, causing an explosion that destroys the entire moon-sized military base of Darth Vader.   This scene set mind-controlled bending bullets into science fiction canon forever, and also was the most dramatic demonstration

TWEET CHAT – What Continuous Quality means for IoT

Quality gets complicated when it comes to testing mobile apps. Bring wearables, and larger scale Internet of Things (IoT) into the mix and it's impossible to make test labs secure and scalable on your own! Smart homes, mobile health devices and connected cars have to work, have to work well and have to work all of the time, or else their launch into the IoT market will fail. In honor of IoT Day, we want

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Get Your Apps Working on the Samsung Galaxy S6 NOW

We're excited to share that the Samsung Galaxy S6 is up and running in Perfecto Mobile's Continuous Quality Lab. It's available for testing your apps weeks before it is released. Perfecto customers! Talk to your rep to learn about getting up and running the Galaxy S6 before your customers are using it! What is the Continuous Quality Lab Release Better Digital Apps Faster Our Continuous Quality Lab helps you easily mobilize your brand by perfecting

Verizon Nexus 6 Available for Testing On in Perfecto Mobile Cloud

In order to keep your mobile app up to date in the demanding and constantly evolving mobile market, it is important to keep up with device releases and changes, operating system updates and end-user feedback. Even if your mobile application source code remained unchanged, but a new reference device (such as the Nexus 6 coming from Verizon tomorrow) has launched, you better make sure that your mobile apps works - if you don't your end-users

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