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Perfecto Boosts Team Collaboration with Digital Zoom™ Reporting Slack Integration

Communicating quality for your digital products across the organization is becoming a MUST. Having the ability to take data-driven decisions in real-time enables organizations to move faster and assure their customer digital experience. As activities are growing and teams become hybrid (as part of the move to agile workflows), it is hard to keep everyone on the same page. In most cases, team communications are increasingly noisy and overwhelmed by the large amount of data that

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Video QuickTake: What Quality Means in the Age of Digital

The experience consumers have with brands has been evolving over the past five years. What used to be physical interactions with a bank, a retail store or a network provider are more likely to be digital interactions where customers look to mobile devices and apps, websites and social media to engage with brands and get things done. This shift has made it critical for any enterprise delivering online services to make sure they are delivering

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Perfecto Goes ‘Digital’ with Next-Gen Continuous Quality Lab

Perfecto introduced the next step on its mission to help enterprises deliver on what consumers are increasingly expecting: a consistent digital experience across all devices. We call it Continuous Quality. With Perfecto's next-generation Continuous Quality Lab (CQL), digital teams can broaden their test coverage by performing side-by-side testing of mobile web and desktop browsers so there's no breakdown as customers move across devices and desktop to order groceries, complete banking transactions, book flights and accomplish

The 5 Life Stages of Mobile Quality: Elder Statesman

Welcome to our final blog post about the five life stages of mobile quality, based on our survey of over 600 global developer and QA professionals. We've covered the Toddler, Tweener, Young Adult and Middle-Aged Provider mobile quality life stages. And now it's time for the "Elder Statesman." The elite teams at this stage have achieved Continuous Quality with a combination of DevOps practices, test automation, continuous integration (CI), performance and user condition testing, and

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My Lesson About Responsive Web and Image Scaling

I recently lead the responsive web design project for our corporate website and I learned a few things that developers and QA practitioners should keep in mind when building and delivering a great digital experience. Our new site was designed and developed with the help of Cyberwoven and Duality, our new brand designers. I've gone through many website launches in my day and though this was not the biggest, it was the most exciting. Not only