What You Need To Know When Planning Your Test Lab in 2017

As we kick-off 2017, I am thrilled to release the most updated 6th edition of the Digital Test Coverage Index report, a guide to help you decide how to build your test lab. 2016 was an exciting year in the Digital space, and as usual, Q4 market movement is sure to impact 2017 development and testing plans. And it doesn't appear that the market is slowing down, with continued innovation expected this year. In this post, I will summarize the key

Welcome George Kadifa to the Perfecto Mobile Board

I'm writing today to share some great news: the appointment of business and technology executive George Kadifa to Perfecto Mobile's Board of Directors. We've been working hard as an organization to partner with global enterprises and enable them to create better mobile apps faster and elevate the quality of the digital experience with continuous quality. As the mobile quality SaaS leader, we are intimately involved with hundreds of projects and teams (Dev, Dev-Test, QA, Operations)