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Be Ready to Monitor Apps on the Right Devices

In the world of mobile app monitoring, the saying goes, "know your end users and adopt their perspective." But knowing the mobile end-user is becoming increasingly complex. To start, the ecosystem of devices and operating systems is changing rapidly. Users transition to new devices and install new versions of the OS at different rates. Also, applications are updating rapidly with the introduction of agile development practices that allow companies to speed up the release of

Here’s Why Your Mobile Quality Lab Needs to Be Always-On

One of IT's main responsibilities is making sure the company's information systems continue to function all the time. What do you expect from systems such as email, ERP, CRM, Wi-Fi, file server? You need 24/7 and 99.9% availability, right? What do you expect from internal systems such as a corporate portal, room scheduling system, and HR benefits? Quite the same, right? If you're expected to do your work, it's expected that the organization will provide

TWEET CHAT – What Continuous Quality means for IoT

Quality gets complicated when it comes to testing mobile apps. Bring wearables, and larger scale Internet of Things (IoT) into the mix and it's impossible to make test labs secure and scalable on your own! Smart homes, mobile health devices and connected cars have to work, have to work well and have to work all of the time, or else their launch into the IoT market will fail. In honor of IoT Day, we want

Behavior Driven Development with Calabash for Achieving Continuous Quality

We at Perfecto Mobile continues to innovate and provide a variety of commercial and open source tools for mobile app developers and testers so they can continuously develop, test and deploy mobile apps with confidence. We're happy to announce added support for Calabash - the latest integration to our open source portfolio. With the new integration Perfecto Mobile’s users can develop Calabash tests in the form of Features, Scenario’s and step-definitions and execute them in

See you at Jenkins User Conference!

Where will you be this Thursday, October 23? We'll be at the Jenkins User Conference in San Francisco, talking continuous integration, continuous quality and mobile app testing. We hope you'll meet us there for our session about plugging real devices into your Jenkins process to automate testing, and don't forget to join our Selfie Stache challenge! Session Details Sponsor Highlight on Perfecto Mobile: Plug Real Devices into Your Jenkins Process and Automate Testing Date: Thursday, October

From the CEO: What 20 Million Means to Me

If you're reading this, you may have heard Perfecto Mobile just secured a fourth round of funding to the amount of $20 million. And if you haven’t heard, I am thrilled to share this news with you. It's exciting to see the mobile app market changing and know we’re a part of it, heck, we’re enabling it. Twenty million is a big deal, a really big deal.  I am looking forward to finding the best ways

How Perfecto Mobile is Dealing With the HeartBleed Security Issue

To start, Perfecto Mobile is not affected by the Heartbleed bug. Let’s talk about it.   The Heartbleed bug, a serious vulnerability in OpenSSL, was discovered on April 7, 2014. OpenSSL is a common security protocol that is used to keep your internet communications private. We want to update you about our status with the bug, how we investigated that status, and what you should do to remain clear of the bug.   There are three

Perfecto Mobile Announces Support for Windows Phone 8.1

Yesterday at Microsoft’s annual Build Developer Conference, Microsoft announced major updates to the Windows Phone in the 8.1 release. We’re happy to announce on day 2 of Build that Perfecto Mobile offers full support for Windows Phone 8.1, all from within our MobileCloud for Visual Studio plugin. Due to the nature of partnership between Perfecto Mobile and Microsoft, Perfecto Mobile was chosen to support Windows Phone 8.1 out of the gate and is able to

10 Steps To Kick Start Your Mobile Automation Testing

The 1st things when having an automation team which is “hungry” to start coding is to actually stop and think! Define the most time consuming, tedious, and easy to automate tests (assuming that the automation team is trained and has the automation tool at their hands)  Select the right devices on which you wish to automate (there are lead devices, “follower” devices)   Select the right OS versions on which you will automate     

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Perfecto Mobile Reporting From MWC 2014 – Barcelona

Perfecto Mobile attended the yearly Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona, and here are some of the highlights of day 1 plus some screenshots from the one of the industries biggest mobile events. New Releases Mean Better, Constant Test Coverage Samsung launches its new Samsung Galaxy S5 with a new 5.1'' screen, enhanced camera, resistance to dust and water, finger print screen lock, pulse sensor at the device back. Device runs the latest android 4.4. KitKat