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Test Your Navigation App Without Leaving the Room

One of the biggest challenges in mobile testing is testing a navigation app. It's actually still common to find testers and developers going on a "test drive" and traveling between cities to test the navigation functionality of their app. It's more efficient to automate this process. However, doing automated testing on a navigation app can get complicated because you cannot build automated tests on "moving" devices. In this post, I'll show how to test a

Survey Says: Industry Momentum for Selenium WebDriver Adoption

        Some 400 mobile quality professionals dished on Selenium adoption within their organization. Here's what they had to say:     73% of respondents said YES, they are evaluating or using Selenium at their company. 38% of respondents said there is more Selenium interest or usage than last year, while 19% answered far more interest or usage. That's 57% of respondents who revealed an increase in interest or usage!

Perfecto Mobile Raised $15 Million in Funding to Bolster our Mobile App Testing and Monitoring Leadership

PerfectoMobile has secured $15 million in the company’s third round of financing. In recent years the company has achieved over 100 percent annual revenue growth, established a customer base of more than 600 organizations, and led the market in product innovation. This latest funding, led by  GlobespanCapitalPartners, a global venture capital firm specializing in information technology, joined by existing investors Carmel, Vertex and the Waisbein Fund, will further Perfecto Mobile’s business growth and accelerate continued innovation.