Welcome George Kadifa to the Perfecto Mobile Board

I'm writing today to share some great news: the appointment of business and technology executive George Kadifa to Perfecto Mobile's Board of Directors. We've been working hard as an organization to partner with global enterprises and enable them to create better mobile apps faster and elevate the quality of the digital experience with continuous quality. As the mobile quality SaaS leader, we are intimately involved with hundreds of projects and teams (Dev, Dev-Test, QA, Operations)

I Find Your Lack of Faith Disturbing: What DevTest Teams Can Learn From Darth Vader’s Wins and Losses

Developers of all skill sets learned a lot from Star Wars, whether they realized it or not, as we covered in our last post. However, what about another critical role in the firm, the DevTest team lead? Darth Vader, one of the most well-known figures in pop culture, happens to be a manager and offers a lot in the way of learning from others – both mistakes and failures. Don’t: Ignore risks that seem small.

Continuous Quality Fables: How to Keep Luke Out Of Your Death Star

Arguably one of the greatest defeats in sci-fi history is the scene above, in which Luke Skywalker pilots the equivalent of a space motorcycle towards an uncovered exhaust port, and – using his Jedi powers – bends space bullets into the Death Star, causing an explosion that destroys the entire moon-sized military base of Darth Vader.   This scene set mind-controlled bending bullets into science fiction canon forever, and also was the most dramatic demonstration

Introducing the Perfecto Mobile Community

We're proud to announce that Perfecto Mobile has launched a new community, dedicated to helping the newest Perfecto Mobile users to the most seasoned veterans achieve optimal results when testing their mobile apps.   The Community, located at acts as a place for users to come together to ask questions, share code and read tips.   COMMUNITY HIGHLIGHTS   The latest and most official documentation is available for review via the Perfecto Mobile Community.

Verizon Nexus 6 Available for Testing On in Perfecto Mobile Cloud

In order to keep your mobile app up to date in the demanding and constantly evolving mobile market, it is important to keep up with device releases and changes, operating system updates and end-user feedback. Even if your mobile application source code remained unchanged, but a new reference device (such as the Nexus 6 coming from Verizon tomorrow) has launched, you better make sure that your mobile apps works - if you don't your end-users

Apple Watch is Bringing Us Places that We Don’t Even Know About Yet

Apple did what Apple does best yesterday, they previewed a new device which was not the first of its kind (we've got a lot of smart watches in our cloud!) but definitely the most anticipated. And as the founder of Perfecto Mobile, getting to play with gadgets is a huge perk of the job for me. Apple, Android, bring it on - I love my gadgets. I'm particularly enthused about Apple Watch because I truly

We’re Previewing a Hybrid Cloud Testing Lab that Supports Location-based and Internet of Things Testing at Mobile World Congress

Were you at Mobile World Congress? Perfecto previewed our next generation cloud based testing solution, LocalLink, a new extension to its Continuous Quality Lab. Why is LocalLink so important you ask? LocalLink addresses location-based quality needs and testing of Internet of Things (IoT); it expands tests coverage and capabilities, mitigates risks that businesses face in releasing faulty apps, and improves the velocity of the app delivery process to accelerate overall time to market. Cloud Based

Mobile Apps We Love and a Very Special Valentine’s Day Promotion

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, we at Perfecto Mobile are recognizing mobile apps we love, based on our feelings towards functionality, availability and user experience. We're also giving away 10 free hours of mobile app testing. We know you love your apps and your users should too. Sign up here. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Mobile Apps We Love Pango.Have you seen this? It quite literally is the most advanced parking service in the world. When I am

  • Mobile Testing Excellence

Perfecto Mobile named a finalist in the Global Mobile Awards!

Perfecto Mobile and its Continuous Quality Lab receives mobile excellence accolade and has been named a finalist in the Best Mobile Cloud Service or App category in the Global Mobile Awards! The Global Mobile Awards, first presented in 1996, continues on as a tradition at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona reflecting the positive impact of mobile on all walks of life. The awards recognize the most topical areas of mobile development including devices, applications, technology

Mobile Dev & Test Meetup – Feb 11 in Cambridge, MA

We at Perfecto Mobile are hosting a Mobile Dev & Test Meetup - join our Director of Technology, Uzi Eilon and share mobile dev & test best practices, learn about mobile app pitfalls and fine-tuned techniques for releasing powerful and well-functioning apps! REGISTER HERE! We are excited about the first Mobile Dev-Test Boston Meetup and look forward to your enthusiastic participation. DATE: Wednesday, February 11, 2015 TIME: 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM LOCATION: Cambridge Innovation

Leveraging Real Network Conditions As Part Of The Continuous Quality Processes

As the digital experience becomes key for organizations to offer end-users and a high user experience based on mobile moments, it is important to understand the environment in which mobile apps are "living" in.   We have taken to calling a mobile app's environment as a wind tunnel - many different conditions and "states" occur, causing mobile apps (Web and Native) running on various screens (Smartphones, Tablets, Wearables) to behave differently with functionality and performance

Perfecto Mobile Named Finalist for 2014-15 Cloud Awards!

Perfecto Mobile has been shortlisted in the 2014-2015 Cloud Awards Program in the category "Best in Mobile" Cloud Solutions. With awards for excellence and innovation in cloud computing, the cloud computing awards program accepts entries from across the entire globe, including the US, Canada, Australasia and EMEA. Now in its fourth year, entries are accepted from organizations of any size, and include start-ups and government bodies. In 2014-15, categories include Data Innovation of the Year,

BlackBerry OS 10 Available for Testing Apps

As the leader in mobile app testing and provider of the Continuous Quality Lab, it's important for us to stay on top of all mobile market changes and support the newest devices, operating systems and mobile app development and test tools as they become available. Continually expanding our Continuous Quality Lab requires near-zero turnaround to support the rapid evolution of our marketplace; providing our customers with the ability to access devices and new OSs ASAP allows

3 Things Every Mobile App Team Should Know About Third Party Content

During the effort to integrate SmartBear’s AlertSite UXM into our Continuous Quality Lab's Monitoring solution we swapped stories about our own experiences with poorly performing apps. Two came to mind, the WatchESPN failure during the USA versus Germany World Cup match and a mobile banking app based on a third party platform. These discussions prompted the focus on third party content's impact on performance and availability. For mobile apps, performance is only as strong as

What we learned about #ContinuousQuality

Earlier today we hosted our first Tweetchat on the subject of Continuous Quality. Big thanks to everyone who turned out - was a great discussion and we truly appreciate your input! Shout out to our friend Jean Ann Harrison and partners CloudBees and Neotys who joined too! We learned a lot about improving the quality of mobile apps - how to define Continuous Quality, how it can help mobile app dev/test teams, who should care

Join our #ContinuousQuality Tweetchat Tomorrow!

Join Perfecto Mobile, highly-experienced thought leader Jean Ann Harrison, our partners CloudBees, Neotys and others , plus industry analysts TOMORROW, DEC 4th in a discussion around CONTINUOUS QUALITY, the latest concept to hit mobile app testing. We're even giving away a FitBit to the top tweeter! Our SVP Product and Strategy, Roi Carmel @RoiCarmel, tomorrow at 1PM ET on Twitter as he answers your questions and shares his experience with Continuous Quality. Log on to

The ‘Aha!’ Moment of Continuous Quality

We have heard, multiple times, about the pressures that teams are under to deliver mobile applications faster and faster. Delivering apps faster sounds like a simple need, but when analyzed we see that the challenges are not linear and often require paradigm shift to achieve the required result. Organizations are moving to mobile as a platform for their business model at an ever growing pace. I've spent a lot of time interviewing our enterprise customers

Behavior Driven Development with Calabash for Achieving Continuous Quality

We at Perfecto Mobile continues to innovate and provide a variety of commercial and open source tools for mobile app developers and testers so they can continuously develop, test and deploy mobile apps with confidence. We're happy to announce added support for Calabash - the latest integration to our open source portfolio. With the new integration Perfecto Mobile’s users can develop Calabash tests in the form of Features, Scenario’s and step-definitions and execute them in

Google Nexus 9: Available in Perfecto Mobile’s Continuous Quality Lab Before Release

As a continuation to the previous post on the fresh new mobile devices (tablets, phablets and smartphones) available in our Continuous Quality Lab, we are happy to announce the availability of the newly announced Google Nexus 9 tablet by HTC which is now connected and available for mobile app development and testing in our various cloud deployments. See Google Nexus 9 in our UI below.   This new Nexus device has an 8.9'' screen size

New devices available in the Perfecto Mobile cloud!

Keeping up with the dynamics of the mobile market is not easy, however it is essential to continuously meet customer demands and deliver new devices and OS releases.   Just as an example for the service awareness which Perfecto Mobile is supporting, we were able to provide our customers support for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ within 1 hour of release to stores!.   Perfecto Mobile recently announced its support for the latest iOS8.x and Android

Mobile App Development: Continuous Integration or Eventual Failure

What got you here won’t get you there. Not only is this the title of Marshall Goldsmith’s best-selling business book, it’s also what every mobile app developer should be telling themselves about traditional enterprise development methodologies. So what will help mobile app developers get to the next level? In our view, a commitment to agile development and continuous integration (CI). But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what Gartner analysts Van L. Baker and

Perfecto Mobile Supports Android Lollipop on the Same Day as Google Releases It

Today, Google announced its official release of Android Lollipop (5.0) to the market. Perfecto Mobile customers who leveraged the beta version of Android L until today can switch their testing and development efforts to the new platform as it is officially supported by Perfecto Mobile. With that release, Perfecto Mobile supports any device running this new OS version (currently it is mostly the Nexus 5). Fig 1: Nexus 5 Running the Latest Android L

Survey Says: Industry Momentum for Selenium WebDriver Adoption

        Some 400 mobile quality professionals dished on Selenium adoption within their organization. Here's what they had to say:     73% of respondents said YES, they are evaluating or using Selenium at their company. 38% of respondents said there is more Selenium interest or usage than last year, while 19% answered far more interest or usage. That's 57% of respondents who revealed an increase in interest or usage!

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