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Performance Testing in the Age of Agile and Digital Transformation

Performance Testing Has Evolved Performance testing does not resemble what it used to be, say, five years ago. When you examine the tools provided and their capabilities, they tell a story. Careful examination and tuning of the scalability, potential break points, and efficiency of backend services was the main objective. What changed? Here are a few pointers to get started: Digital transformation: The pivotal role played by mobile apps and web sites in the core

Quiz: The Five Life Stages of Mobile Testing

Life is a journey. So is the mobile quality lifecycle. From the Fortune 1000 to a fledgling startup, mobile development and testing is a work in progress. You may be a newbie working in manual mode, doing functional testing with app updates three times a year or an old pro doing performance testing and production monitoring and releasing weekly updates. The point is: everyone is on a mobile lifecycle journey to continuous quality

Perfecto Mobile Named SD Times 100 Award Winner for Second Straight Year

We're happy to announce that Perfecto Mobile has won the SD Times 100 award for the second year in a row! We’ve been named as a leader in the QA, Security and Performance category. "Security remains a hot-button issue, and nobody wants to be the subject of the next sorry headline about a breach or a hack. Even under constant threat, these companies continue to work on security products to stay ahead of the bugs

Are You Catching App Glitches Before They Reach Users?

In the mobile enterprise, even a temporary app malfunction can have a major business impact. We've seen this happen recently. Enterprises in retail, banking and the airline industry that rely on mobile apps and websites to serve customers experienced headline-grabbing hiccups over the past six months. During the holidays, mobile traffic spikes caused website glitches and outages at retailers like Best Buy, Foot Locker and Neiman Marcus at inopportune times during Black Friday weekend. More

Mobile Apps We Love and a Very Special Valentine’s Day Promotion

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, we at Perfecto Mobile are recognizing mobile apps we love, based on our feelings towards functionality, availability and user experience. We're also giving away 10 free hours of mobile app testing. We know you love your apps and your users should too. Sign up here. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Mobile Apps We Love Pango.Have you seen this? It quite literally is the most advanced parking service in the world. When I am

3 Things Every Mobile App Team Should Know About Third Party Content

During the effort to integrate SmartBear’s AlertSite UXM into our Continuous Quality Lab's Monitoring solution we swapped stories about our own experiences with poorly performing apps. Two came to mind, the WatchESPN failure during the USA versus Germany World Cup match and a mobile banking app based on a third party platform. These discussions prompted the focus on third party content's impact on performance and availability. For mobile apps, performance is only as strong as

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Navigating Continuous Integration and Mobile: An Expert Interview Part 2

In the last post we introduced Roy Nuriel, the newest member of the Perfecto Mobile Product Management team. He talked about the differences between mobile and non-mobile continuous integration (CI) processes, and the challenges and benefits of a mobile CI process. You can read the full post here. In this post, he’ll discuss performance testing and CI, and how CI can be enabled via a cloud-based mobile testing tool. Continuous Integration and Mobile Testing Eran: