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A Responsive Web Design Testing Strategy Leveraging Selenium Automation

Intro to Responsive Web Design- RWD There’s been a clear transition toward developing responsive website design (RWD) over the past few years. This adoption is driven by factors like: Consistent user experience (UX) and display across platforms (mobile, desktop, tablet, etc.) Easy maintenance of the product – write once, deploy anywhere concept Cost savings due to specific dev and test skill set and tooling used across the RWD SDLC With the excitement and benefits above, [...]

Testing Functionality, Responsiveness and Rendering on Geico’s Responsive Website

Responsive web development requires detailed attention when incorporating testing practices; the same (hopefully) code is intended to render on many screen sizes and operating systems/versions. In addition, HTML5 functionality may assume access to local sensors to drive a richer and streamlined experience, for example, automatic location detection, further complicating the responsive web test strategy. The testing matrix becomes sizable, while the time-to-test shrinks from increasing competitive pressure and the transition to agile. In this article I'll [...]

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Responsive Web and Adaptive Web: The Pros and Cons

Both responsive web design (RWD) and adaptive web design (AWD) enhance the user experience across different devices. But digital teams ramping up their web development and test coverage efforts should bear in mind the key differences between RWD and AWD. RWD uses one layout and scales down website elements to fit the screen. Conversely, AWD doesn't use a single layout that changes with each screen size, but rather multiple layouts designed for various screens. This [...]

Responsive Web: Navigation Testing Is Key

In recent blog posts, I discussed the importance of including the right test coverage for a great digital experience, and also touched on the value of client side performance testing for responsive web design (RWD) across devices and platforms. In this post, I'll touch on "navigation testing" for RWD. We've learned that this testing aspect is a challenge from a quality perspective and requires attention from both developer and testing teams. Keep in mind that [...]

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