2016 Will Be the Year for Wearables, So Test Wisely

You don't have to look far to see the digital transition in practice. Airlines, banks and retail giants are making their products available on various digital platforms to satisfy their customers, grow their business and compete in a challenging market. Wearable devices are the newest contributors to the "digital experience" and will continue making progress in 2016. According to an IDC report, basic wearables such as fitness trackers are growing by 76% year-over-year, while smart

Apple Watch: First Impressions From The CMO

The Apple Watch  is finally out in the wild, and to mark the occasion, Perfecto Mobile’s chief marketing officer Christopher Willis put the watch through its paces. His verdict? Lukewarm. Despite being a self-professed gadget addict, Willis is not yet sold on the concept of the Apple Watch, and, at least today, sees it as a small screen view of your iPhone rather than a “need to have” device. Christopher P. Willis Here are