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iPhone 8 on iOS 11 is Out – Are You Testing on it Today? You Can….

Perfecto is excited to announce the availability of iPhone 8, 8+, running iOS 11 GA, as of today, Sep 22nd, 2017, 8AM EST. iPhone 8 and iOS 11 pack a number of new features and changes that require intensive testing for all applications, web and mobile. The majority of Perfecto customers were able to preorder these devices in advance and start testing already this morning. The ability to run automated testing in a cloud environment

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User Journey, A Way to Prioritize Your Test Strategy

In the current age of delivering highly complex digital applications, in a competitive market for high-expectation end users, maintaining quality seems like a daunting task. Furthermore, agile cycles are shrinking to meet competitive deadlines. A typical product owner needs to balance 3 sprint investments (frankly, on a daily basis): innovation, tech debt and bugs, and testing. They all need to be optimized. In the case of testing that means considering: efficient parallel executions, ongoing availability

A Winning Recipe for Open Source Test Automation Frameworks

There’s no doubt that the bulk of software delivery today relies on test automation through open-source test frameworks. In a recent blog post, we highlighted some of the main differences around the leading frameworks such as Appium, Selenium, Calabash, Espresso and XCTest UI. As a quick summary, the key points that were identified as critical for success in adopting an open-source is to have these 3 robust ingredients supporting that framework: 24x7 available and elastic

Testing Functionality, Responsiveness and Rendering on Geico’s Responsive Website

Responsive web development requires detailed attention when incorporating testing practices; the same (hopefully) code is intended to render on many screen sizes and operating systems/versions. In addition, HTML5 functionality may assume access to local sensors to drive a richer and streamlined experience, for example, automatic location detection, further complicating the responsive web test strategy. The testing matrix becomes sizable, while the time-to-test shrinks from increasing competitive pressure and the transition to agile. In this article I'll

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Up for a Challenge: Test Automation with Appium for #30daysofMobileTesting

In the spirit of #30daysofmobiletesting, (which you should check out if you haven't already) I recorded a cool test automation video to show you. The video checks off challenge number 8, "write automated checks with a tool like Espresso, Calabash or Appium." I did it with iOS and Android, so I guess that checks off number 10 also, which is "perform an update test on iOS or Android."  :) Day 8 Challenge: Test Automation with a tool like

Video Demo: Creating Test Automation Scripts in Visual Studio

Happy Monday! On Wednesday of this week we'll be at Microsoft's Build Developer Conference in San Francisco. Perfecto's Extensions for Visual Studio and Visual Studio Team Services will be on display, both in our booth, and during two different sessions. If you're attending the conference, stop by and see us at booth 419. We'll also be making an announcement during the conference about how Perfecto is making it easier for developers and testers to do

The 5 Life Stages of Mobile Quality: Elder Statesman

Welcome to our final blog post about the five life stages of mobile quality, based on our survey of over 600 global developer and QA professionals. We've covered the Toddler, Tweener, Young Adult and Middle-Aged Provider mobile quality life stages. And now it's time for the "Elder Statesman." The elite teams at this stage have achieved Continuous Quality with a combination of DevOps practices, test automation, continuous integration (CI), performance and user condition testing, and

Use the Mobile Test Pyramid to Release Better Apps

Anyone involved in software testing and software test automation should know the test automation pyramid introduced by Mike Cohn. I will expand on this subject in this post, which contains excerpts from my book "Hands-On Mobile App Testing" published with Pearson Education. The typical testing pyramid consists of three layers, as you can see in the image below. At the bottom, there's the automated unit-testing layer; in the middle sits the automated integration testing layer,

Webinar: Effective Mobile Test Automation Using the Hybrid Approach

Thursday, January 10, 2013. 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EST Register Now!   Join Perfecto Mobile for this one-hour session providing insights into efficient mobile test automation using both native and visual objects, followed by a hands-on demonstration of cross platform mobile test automation of Native and Web applications In this webinar you will: Uncover key challenges in a mobile test automation project Learn the differences between Native objects and Visual objects and why it’s

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Visit Perfecto Mobile at STAREAST

Perfecto [email protected] STAREAST - Visit our booth - visit us at booth #26 - Join our technical presentation -Wednesday April 18, 15:00-16:00 - Testing Mobile Web and Apps – Overview & Demo - To learn more or schedule a meeting - contact us directly The MobileCloud Platfrom Perfecto Mobile will present at STAREAST (April 18-19, Orlando, FL) its latest version of its state-of-the-art solution for mobile application testing, automation and monitoring including Perfecto Mobile’s advanced

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The Biggest Testing Problem Concerning Enterprises

                    A recently published Perfecto Mobile poll titled “What are the most significant mobile testing dilemmas your enterprise is facing?” discovered that over 30% of enterprises are concerned with how to leverage their existing ALM.   Enterprise Mobility has introduced a whole new set of unique challenges. In addition to the already existing web and desktop application testing, the main challenges of mobile testing include: •

Mobile Testing on the blogosphere

Mobile testing is becoming more and more common as the number of companies struggling to improve their mobile presence increases. Whether this increase is visible in companies transforming their existing website or web application to support mobile devises, or in those building designated mobile apps, mobile testing awareness is becoming a substantial part of the existing workflow. With the growing interest in mobile testing, there is a likewise rise in the number of available documentation

Perfecto Mobile Enhances MobileCloud Usability and Management of Multiple Mobile Devices in New Release

Perfecto Mobile is very excited about its new MobileCloud release (V3.7), which provides customers with enhanced usability and management for their automated mobile application testing processes. Based on feedback from our enterprise customers, this new release includes several significant new features and enhancements to the platform in general, and to the MobileCloud for QTP solution in particular. Check out the highlights of this new release in the embedded video and in the rest of this