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Testing Functionality, Responsiveness and Rendering on Geico’s Responsive Website

Responsive web development requires detailed attention when incorporating testing practices; the same (hopefully) code is intended to render on many screen sizes and operating systems/versions. In addition, HTML5 functionality may assume access to local sensors to drive a richer and streamlined experience, for example, automatic location detection, further complicating the responsive web test strategy. The testing matrix becomes sizable, while the time-to-test shrinks from increasing competitive pressure and the transition to agile. In this article I'll

The 5 Life Stages of Mobile Quality: Elder Statesman

Welcome to our final blog post about the five life stages of mobile quality, based on our survey of over 600 global developer and QA professionals. We've covered the Toddler, Tweener, Young Adult and Middle-Aged Provider mobile quality life stages. And now it's time for the "Elder Statesman." The elite teams at this stage have achieved Continuous Quality with a combination of DevOps practices, test automation, continuous integration (CI), performance and user condition testing, and

Road Tested: Could Your App Survive a Girls Trip to Austin?

Three weeks ago, for New Year’s Eve, some of my girlfriends and I decided to head down south to Austin, TX for the slightly-warmer weather, the endless supply of barbecue, and all the Friday Night Lights feels that Austin has to offer. If you haven’t experienced all that is Austin, I recommend it. Just don't try dieting while you’re there. But this isn't a travel piece. This is about the moment I realized my entire