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5 Key Factors to Know When Planning Your 2017 Device Lab & Browser Lab

With the close of Q1 2017, the mobile and web space are busier than ever. Only in the mobile space, we look at more than 200 leading smartphones being released every year, more than 20 different iOS and Android OS version releases. Web isn’t lagging behind in terms of innovation with a monthly release of Chrome and Firefox desktop browsers that impact both the web as well as responsive web apps. With that growing market

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Video QuickTake: What Quality Means in the Age of Digital

The experience consumers have with brands has been evolving over the past five years. What used to be physical interactions with a bank, a retail store or a network provider are more likely to be digital interactions where customers look to mobile devices and apps, websites and social media to engage with brands and get things done. This shift has made it critical for any enterprise delivering online services to make sure they are delivering

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Perfecto Goes ‘Digital’ with Next-Gen Continuous Quality Lab

Perfecto introduced the next step on its mission to help enterprises deliver on what consumers are increasingly expecting: a consistent digital experience across all devices. We call it Continuous Quality. With Perfecto's next-generation Continuous Quality Lab (CQL), digital teams can broaden their test coverage by performing side-by-side testing of mobile web and desktop browsers so there's no breakdown as customers move across devices and desktop to order groceries, complete banking transactions, book flights and accomplish

Responsive Web Testing: 3 Common Mistakes

Over the past year, one new statistic made it clear that the mobile web should be a priority for every business. Half of global web traffic now comes from a mobile device, according to reports from both Google and IBM. Half? Website and mobile app developers need to get their responsive web testing plan in place! Combine that with the fact that four out of 10 purchases in the U.S. now involve multiple devices, and

Infographic: What’s Bringing Down Your Mobile App?

When testing your mobile apps, the "happy path" is not good enough. By "happy path" we mean testing in a clean room with strong Wi-Fi, full battery and RAM, and other ideal conditions. These tests will confirm that your app works, but is it ready for the rough-and-tumble real world where consumers expect their user experience to be flawless? Not a chance. The infographic below lists the most common real world user conditions that can

Test Your Navigation App Without Leaving the Room

One of the biggest challenges in mobile testing is testing a navigation app. It's actually still common to find testers and developers going on a "test drive" and traveling between cities to test the navigation functionality of their app. It's more efficient to automate this process. However, doing automated testing on a navigation app can get complicated because you cannot build automated tests on "moving" devices. In this post, I'll show how to test a

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Are you ready to deliver the experience users expect with Apple Watch and other wearables?

Maybe you just finished watching the Apple Watch announcement and maybe you have some questions. Is your app ready to deliver a great digital experience? What is your reaction? Here's was we're thinking... How will this effect the mobile market? What new trends will this bring? What are the concrete, no-arguments-here benefits of keeping connected via a piece on your wrist? And of course we've been asking ourselves for some time now, how will this

Mobile Apps We Love and a Very Special Valentine’s Day Promotion

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, we at Perfecto Mobile are recognizing mobile apps we love, based on our feelings towards functionality, availability and user experience. We're also giving away 10 free hours of mobile app testing. We know you love your apps and your users should too. Sign up here. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Mobile Apps We Love Pango.Have you seen this? It quite literally is the most advanced parking service in the world. When I am

3 Things Every Mobile App Team Should Know About Third Party Content

During the effort to integrate SmartBear’s AlertSite UXM into our Continuous Quality Lab's Monitoring solution we swapped stories about our own experiences with poorly performing apps. Two came to mind, the WatchESPN failure during the USA versus Germany World Cup match and a mobile banking app based on a third party platform. These discussions prompted the focus on third party content's impact on performance and availability. For mobile apps, performance is only as strong as