Check Out the Latest in Web and Mobile Development Tools

Last week we introduced new web and mobile development tools that improve velocity within your SDLC, giving you more time to develop (and spend less time fixing bugs). "Just Let Me Code" was our battle cry as we debuted the tools at DeveloperWeek 2017 in San Francisco. Check out a demo of the latest and greatest - DevTunnel - to see how you can debug, validate and troubleshoot your web and mobile apps with real

Network Virtualization As a “Shift Left” Enabler

Services delivered using mobile applications are growing in diversity and complexity. The mission to ensure the quality of an application in a rapid release cycle is also challenging. Many recognize the need to introduce user experience testing earlier in the application development/QA stage, as part of their Continuous Integration (CI) or Agile cycle to ensure coverage early on. Perfecto Mobile is taking the first step in a larger initiative to shift testing components that traditionally happen